Bear Shot in Sheridan Tuesday

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Game & Fish Information Specialist Warren Mischke
Game & Fish Information Specialist Warren Mischke

Late Tuesday night at around 10:30, Sheridan Police called in the assistance of Wyoming Game and Fish officials. A resident on West Burkitt reported a large black bear in his yard, and police kept track of the bear down to the area of 2nd Street and S. Sheridan Avenue.

G & F Information Specialist Warren Mischke tells us a tough decision had to be made.

The male bear was about 220 pounds, and four to five years old. There were several opportunities to tree the bear, but the bear would not climb, therefore tranquilizing it was not an option.

Mischke says that they will examine the bear to determine if it had any problems that caused it to come down to the city limits.

Mischke encourages pet owners to be cautious, especially around mountain lions. He also reminds people to never run from a wild animal, such as a bear or mountain lion.

If you have any questions, call the Sheridan Regional Game & Fish office at 307) 672-7418 ext. 235


I too am one who does not like to see an animal have to be euthanized, however the backlash that the G&F or SPD would endure if the headline stated someone was hurt, or even worse, killed by a bear or mountainl lion or whatever would be much worse. I believe they make a decision based on public safety.

I agree with the public

I agree with the public safety of your comment. What I do not agree with is, "It had to be tree'd to shoot with a tranqulizer shot, and shoot to kill if it can not be tree'd" That makes absolutely no sense. On a side note, a 250# bear is big? lol I was not aware of that being a large bear.


It would probably seem huge if it was biting you.


You have to tree a bear before you can tranqualize it? But you can shoot it to kill it while not tree'd?! WTF? Sounds like we have trigger happy SPD, and GF here in our area. Just like the dosile bear shot in story recently by the GF. The things they say to justify their actions...WOW

Willing to discuss immobilization of animals.

If you would like to come up to the Game & Fish Office, I would be more than willing to discuss what is required to immobilize an animal.

Tim Thomas
Sheridan Wildlife Biologist

I myself, and others in the

I myself, and others in the community would rather see it posted right here for us all to see. (You don't need a bunch of people taking your time in person for an explanation)You are not limited to how long your post can be, so please post it here as a reply so all can see. Thanks!

Willing to talk to anyone about this topic.

This is a complicated topic and I do not think this is the appropriate forum to adequately address this important topic.
I think it would be best to talk in person to answer the "what if" questions that inevitably come up.

I will talk to anyone who would like to discuss this issue. You, or anyone else, can come up to the Sheridan Regional Office (East 5th Street) or call me there (672-7418). If you want to meet in person, please call first to be sure I am in the Office.

Tim Thomas
Sheridan Wildlife Biologist

Just as predicted!

There were warnings about the prey (deer) coming into town and soon the predators (bears, lion) would follow.

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