Barrasso And Enzi Vote Against Latest Healthcare Bill

Wyoming Senators John Barrasso and Mike Enzi were among the minority of the U.S. Senate to vote against the most recent healthcare proposal on Christmas Eve. Senator Barrasso says the numbers simply do not add up.

Now the legislation must move on to the U.S. House of Representatives. Barrasso says that he will do whatever he can to discourage the House passage of the 2,700 page bill.

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As an American citizen making roughly 85,000 a year while working as a CPA in public accounting I definitely feel the need to reform healthcare. Granted I have no problem paying for insurance for my wife and I, but I know dozens of people from Dayton, Ranchester, Sheridan and Big Horn that avoid going to the doctor or dentist when injured because paying the insurance deductible isn't worth it.

I think that at 2,700 pages this bill is excessive, and needs to be trimmed down to remove all of the pork that is hidden within it before my tax dollars go towards programs that should not even be funded in the first place. Read some of the provisions before you blame Republicans for just playing party politics, some of the provisions are insane not matterw what your party affiliation is.

As a previous example look at what the defense spending plan that was passed recently entails. President Obama "promised" to not pass anything that would have excessive spending and pork hidden in it, but that most definitely was not the case. There are hundreds of "pet projects" from states that have been included ranging from museums to drug prevention facilities.

Seriously guys, if America is going to turn around and return to glory we have to reduce this rampant government spending, control the budget, and support each other. We are going through the toughest time of most of our lives right now, and it is nowhere near over, the stock market is incredible overvalued and will definitely plunge again before we see the end of double digit unemployment.

Be prepared...

They don't care about the people

Again I am disgusted by our republican leadership. Every time they (Enzi, Barrasso and Lummis) put party politics before the well being of the people they represent. This bill is a good bill it will allow average Americans to stand up to the insurance industry and demand fair treatment. And just because a democratic president is in office our delegation voted no. Shame on you Barrasso, Enzi and Lummis how dare you play politics when some many people lives are at stake.

Be very careful.

You might want to do some research on this bill. There are a lot of questionable lines in it. I don't really think anyone knows all there is to know about it but a little searching can give you some hints about it.

After they are done shooting

After they are done shooting down healthcare they'll probaly come home and escort MDU through their rate hikes.For the betterment of fellow Wyoming citizens of course.;)

"Barrasso is known by many as Wyoming’s Doctor."

Unfortunately for the people of WY, the republicans have taken their constituents out of the health care debate by voting "no," no matter what's in the bill. This leaves the democrats the relative freedom to fight amongst themselves to shape the bill to whatever will get passed. The republicans have the opportunity to make it a better bill, but refuse because there are few if any moderates in the party. As more people get shut out of health care due to the economy and insurance restrictions, many may ask why haven't the republicans tried to help. Is walking away from the table what WY deserves?

You might want to do a little research on your own.

I just wanted to offer a friendly piece of advice... you may want to look back at news accounts over the last six months or so. Even visit the websites of the Wyoming delegation to Congress. I'm not sure if the Republicans have tried to propose a united front but, I know that each of our delegation in their respective houses has attempted to offer amendments to the healthcare initiative. Those amendments never made it out of committee and were shot down by Democratic delegates. I don't know if the amendments would have improved the bills or not but they have tried to work with the system and were not just walking away as you stated.

I would also recommend listening to some of the floor speeches online... I know that Barrasso (for certain) has said on more than one occasion that he is not against healthcare reform and sees there is a definite need for that reform on a Federal level.

I'm not saying that the Republican ideas are better or that the Democratic plan wouldn't help all Americans or those of us in Wyoming... just that our delegation is not simply voting no, just to vote no.

A bad bill better

I personally don't want to see a bad bill sugar coated for the mere appearance of being a better bill! I want the parties to come together to make a good bill and I have to applaud our senators for standing firmly against this 2,000 page disaster.


I agree with you. This bill, as it is now, is way to expensive! Nobody has read and understands all that is in it. It supposedly has nothing in it that deals with frivolous lawsuits, understandable because it could/would take money out of the pockets of shady lawyers. Also, the honest working people would be paying for coverage for those unwilling to work and for illegal immigrants. If the government really wanted to have a bill that would actually lower insurance costs and provide quality health care, wouldn't it make sense to have mostly doctors and insurance providers involved in writing it rather than lawyers that are more interested in lining their pockets?

Does it really matter?

In the end, this bill will force insurance companies to lower thier outrageous premiums. $1000 each month for my family and the coverage sucks. I would bet the insurance companies are spending billions trying to crush this bill. I wonder who is getting that money.

The tax burden to pay for this will be paid for by who? type in your yearly income and find out. click on link below, and MDU wants to rape us too. Give me a break.

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