Bark Beetle: Like A Tidal Wave

Bark Beetle: Like A Tidal Wave

In other areas of the Rockies, mountain pine beetles, also known as the “bark beetle” have taken over large swaths of forest, killing thousands of trees.
An etymologist with the Bighorn National Forest is currently doing an annual survey of our local mountain trees to look for signs of bark beetle damage or infestation. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love brings us the bark beetle update:

If you didn't quite catch that sound, that was Forester Chris Thomas with the Bighorn National Forest, “knocking on wood.” He says that so far, we have been pretty lucky, bark-beetle-wise:

And although this year's data on the bark beetle is still being collected, he says our wetter weather is helping:

And while the whimsical weather and luck may be a big factor determining how saturated forests become with bark beetles, people can certainly help, he says, by keeping their nearby trees healthy:

Chris says people are welcome to contact their local National Forest Office for more information.

Also, the etymologist currently surveying the forest is expected to have more data by next month. In the meantime, Chris says:

Or thankful, in fact:

For what we don't have.

For Sheridan Media dot com news, this is Betsy Love reporting.

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