Bar And Grill Applicants Denied

Sheridan City Councilman John Bigelow
Sheridan City Councilman John Bigelow

The Sheridan City Council awarded one of the two Bar and Grill Liquor licenses the City holds at their March 15th meeting, and elected to table the issuance of the lone remaining license. That item was removed from the table Monday night. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter has more.

One license, four applicants, and yet none of them seemed to meet all of the requirements set forth by the Council last month. Wyoming Brewing Company, Boston's Bar and Grill, P.O. News/Flagstaff Cafe and Sanford's Grub and Pub were all denied the license by the Council. Councilor John Bigelow says that past experience played a role in the Council's decision.

City Clerk Scott Badley explains that anyone interested in the the license can apply.

Badley said that the four applicants that were denied can also resubmit their applications if they chose to do so.

Not helping

What I am not understanding is why they are waiting on granting the bar and grill license, which will create jobs and approving a new 15 unit housing development which will further drive downt he real estate market.
The market has been overpriced and as someone looking to buy it would not hurt my feelings for the prices to equal out. However there are home being forclosed on as well as for sale signs on every corner. Why build 15 more homes to stand empty and make it even harder to sell a home in Sheridan. For Sale signs just like vacant storefronts DO NOT attract anything to our town.
And where are all the realtors on this, I would assume they are getting hungery, and there are a lot of them out there, enough to make an influence perhaps?




J. S. Luckjohn

Yeah, a real Gem.

I second the Kinskey thoughts. He shouldn't have been re-elected to begin with.

And just an FYI, Applebee's has city standard that Sheridan does not meet to make franchise opportunities available; ie: the city population does not meet the requirements, for one.

"And just an FYI, Applebee's

"And just an FYI, Applebee's has city standard that Sheridan does not meet to make franchise opportunities available; ie: the city population does not meet the requirements, for one"

The only reason Applebee's isn't in sheridan,is because Kinskey won't guarantee them a liquor license.The owner of the Casper Applebee's has already approached the city of sheridan to try and open an applebee's here.

Why would anyone want an

Why would anyone want an applebee's that would further take away from the character of this town. why not give some locals a chance to open a resturant that would be unique

Any idea what their

Any idea what their population requirement might be?

This will really stimulate

This will really stimulate the economy! NOT!

Be sure to re elect

Be sure to re elect Kinskey,Bigelow,Heath,Brantz,Webster,mulholland and Ketcham to another term of service.They really care about doing what's right for sheridan.


I can't believe that out of FOUR applicants, not a single one "met requirements." I don't know much about the other three applicants (& don't know either way whether they were prepared with their applications0, but I frequent PO News & know for sure they had everything prepared for the application. In fact, they've been fighting for a Bar & Grill license for quite some time. I can't believe City Council. They're NOT supporting local businesses by shooting down every applicant for the last bar & grill license. Why not support an economic growth potential?

"they've been fighting" For

"they've been fighting"

For the right to sell...

That cracks me up every time I read about it...

Here is what you do, next time you go to church tell your
pastor or priest that you feel your 10% would better be served by donating it to the peoples legal fees for fighting for the right to sell.. I bet something might change if enough people did that..

Council is stalling to try

Council is stalling to try and get someone else like applebees to apply.

Of course kinskey made the statement that he views sanfords as "more of a bar rather then an eatery".

What sanfords needs to do is attorney up and sue the city of sheridan.

Of course another pizza place in Bino's was a pure genius idea and worthy of a liquor license.

Considering that Applebee's

Considering that Applebee's has already approached the city over a guaranteed liquor license and at that time were told there was no guarantee,is this really why this license has been denied? So that someone like applebees will apply also.

What can be the problem?

Sorry, but I can't see why the council is dragging their feet on this one. If i was Sanford's i would close the doors and go somewhere else. Are they scared to make a decision?

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