Ayers Explains Substance Of His Speech This Week

A Federal Judge will decide if Bill Ayers can speak on the UW campus later this week.
A Federal Judge will decide if Bill Ayers can speak on the UW campus later this week.

On March 30th, officials with the University of Wyoming announced that they had canceled the William Ayers presentation scheduled for April 5th. Ayers was supposed to give a speech based on his article "Trudge Toward Freedom: Educational Research in the Public Interest." UW student Meg Lanker has invited Ayers to speak in Laramie this Wednesday on the same educational issues he planned to address earlier this month. In a Sheridan Media exclusive interview, Bill Ayers was Kim Love's guest on last Friday's Public Pulse program, when he explained a little bit about what his speech will entail.

Ayers says that another aspect of his presentation will take a look at how educational systems in a democracy differ from that of an authoritarian school system.

Lanker and Ayers are suing the University for not allowing him to speak on campus. U.S. District Judge William Downes, the Chief Federal Judge in Wyoming, will consider an injunction today in Casper that would force the University to allow Ayers to speak on campus.

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who is this?

My question is who is this pimply face student who took it upon herself to invite Bill. Having seen her on TV she appears to be radical only to bring attention to herself.. another case of parents who didnt pay enough attention to their daughter.... she has gotten her 15min of fame and everyone saw her peace sign Tshirt ........... my question is who is running the college these days. and how can a college student afford a lawyer to sue the school... there is an agenda here and it is not about freedom of speech....

First, I wouldn't trust

First, I wouldn't trust everything (or hardly anything) you read on the internet. Second, do you think everything the U.S. government has and continues do do is just? What is your definition of "terrorist"?

Also, I think when we take Ayers quote that "we should have done more," it is important to take it in its full context. He was saying they didn't do enough to protest the war and does not specifically say anything about bombing. Remember, this was a war which was started on false pretenses and indiscriminately killed millions of Vietnamese.

As I said before I believe

As I said before I believe Bill Ayers should have been allowed to speak. But lets put things into perspective no one harmed the anti war movement more than people like Bill Ayers. Between his schenagins with the fireworks and the way returning veterans were treated by the peace movement the war probably went on five more years than if they had done nothing. It continues to haunt the anti Iraq war movement today. I myself have very serious reservations about our present wars and I wouldn't be caught dead in a war protest, in large part because of the types of things Mr.Ayers and people like him did in the 1960s.

People just don't get is.. I

People just don't get is.. I had seen a young CNN news anchor who had no clue how the Gulf of Tonkin played out. She was shocked to find out 4 years after the event that congress found out it was staged. Johnson wanted to increase troops to that reign after Kennedy had already issued an order to start a troop reduction. Thousands of foreign and American lives were lost, why? People never stop to ask is it worth the COST to go to war with other people outside our borders. Take that money and spend it on cleaning the bad people OUT of the US and then keeping our boarder secure. It's that simple. Think about all the money that is spent on our war machine, and then think about that money being spent directly inside of the US in order to better protect us.. How many lives were lost with Bill Ayers war he waged against getting the word out? I think if you look at the odds you might think twice as to what side you picked to be on.. I agree when he said he should have done more that did not mean more violence. I love how people try to read stuff into that so that they can feel more patriotic. I've talked to a lot of vets from that war, I don’t remember a single one talk about being "patriotic" for having a roll in that war.. I know there may be a few out there who were glad to be there, but I feel most would have a different opinion.

get the facts on Bill Ayers

It is very simple these days to find out the truth about people and events of the past.All you have to do is google Bill ayers or the weather underground organization to see what actually happened in the late 60s and early 70s.Before we get all warm and fuzzy about Mr. Ayers rights, we should do a little research on what he was and is all about. They were responsible for at least 25 bombings.He has never said he was wrong for doing this.In fact he has been quoted as saying they should have done more! I hope he does come to Wyoming and he will get a great Wyoming welcome I am sure.Thanks for your time.

mark m


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