Ayers Decision Still Pending

Hearing held Monday on Ayers lawsuit.
Hearing held Monday on Ayers lawsuit.

Federal Judge William Downes heard opening statements Monday in Casper in the lawsuit filed by UW student Meg Lanker and Bill Ayers to allow Ayers the right to speak on campus this Wednesday. The University's Attorney Tom Rice, stated that University officials received numerous death threats against Ayers, school staff and alumni, and that safety concerns played a large role in not allowing Ayers to speak on campus. An injunction to force the school to let Ayers speak at the University is still in the hands of the Federal Judge, and there is no word if that ruling will be made prior to Ayers scheduled visit to Laramie on Wednesday.

Ayers did allow Sheridan Media's Kim Love an exclusive interview last Friday, where Ayers was asked about being remorseful about the events that took place in the late 1960's when he was part of the radical group Weather Underground.

If the court doesn't force the school to allow Ayers to speak, he plans to speak off campus at the Laramie Civic Center on Wednesday. *Click
Here for the entire interview with Bill Ayers*

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