Award-Winning Door Invented and Manufactured in Sheridan

Yesterday, we brought you Part 1 of a series on an award-winning safety door invented by two Sheridan VA Medical Center employees. Sheridan Media's Mary Jo Johnson continues with Part 2.

Responding to a challenge from VAMC Director Deborah Hirschmann, Patient Safety / Risk Manager Lisa Garstad and VA Public Affairs Specialist Jackie Van Mark developed a Soft Suicide Prevention Door that is now used at the V.A. Van Mark says that Kennon Aircraft Covers here in Sheridan has been instrumental in manufacturing the door.

Van Mark adds that because Kennon has the licensing rights, they have been able to produce it and fill orders nationwide, not only for VA hospitals, but any kind of institution where it would be helpful. And a nice perk -- Garstad and Van Mark are able to receive a portion of royalties for any non-government sales. Garstad says, however.

Garstad says that another plus side to their door is that there are several uses for it.

The door costs about $300 to purchase, much more cost effective and safer than other safety doors that are on the market. Garstad and Van Mark won the 2008 National Design Challenge for the door, and last May Garstad and Director Hirschmann flew to Washington DC to accept the award.

To see video of Garstad's and Van Mark's door, click here:

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