Atty Gen Warns Against "Robocall" Scam

Atty Gen Warns Against "Robocall" Scam

Investigators with the Wyoming Attorney General are warning citizens of a “Robocall” scam that attempts to solicit debit and credit card numbers from unsuspecting citizens. The call indicates there's a problem with the victim's card and goes on to ask for card numbers and even the three-digit security code on the back of the card.

Assistant Attorney General, Clyde Hutchins, says Sheridan hasn't been hit hard with the scam yet, but there's a possibility it's on the way.

Hutchins says anyone who receives a suspicious call should report the incident to the State Attorney General's office or the Federal Trade Commission, as each caller may have new details to contribute to the investigation. He says the calls come from random numbers that trace back to anywhere from Hollywood to Florida. However, the callback number isn't a reliable indicator about where the call is coming from.

If you believe your credit or debit information has been illegally obtained, it's important to notify your bank or relevant financial institution immediately to prevent bogus charges.

Hutchins says the same scam has also been reported in Colorado.

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