Are You Cool Enough To Be A “Friend” of The BLM on Facebook?

BLM and Facebook are now "Friends"
BLM and Facebook are now "Friends"

The Wyoming BLM is gaining more “friends”. Sort of. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love has more.

It seems like now days, people can be divided into two categories—those who use facebook, and those who don't. And lately, it seems the latter category is getting smaller by the nano-second.

Cindy Wertz, Public Affairs Specialist With the Wyoming BLM explains why they've not only joined the cyber-world of Facebook, but also have a presence on YouTube and Twitter.

Cindy invites everyone to look them up on facebook at facebook dot com slash b-l-m wyoming

And if you are anything like this reporter and a little worried that you might not be “cool” enough for the BLM and are concerned about being “rejected” by them on facebook.

So, if you need any more instructions about becoming BLM's facebook “friend,” well, it seems you better ask somebody else.

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