Another Year of PAWS Testing

Another Year of PAWS Testing

There will always be questions about the Proficiency Assessment for Wyoming Students, or PAWS, as to whether or not it measures student performance or if it can be used to measure the same in teachers.

As Sheridan County schools are in the full swing of PAWS testing this week, we decided to ask the involved party no one ever asks: the beleaguered high school student. Dom Ruffatto is a senior at Sheridan High School and intern at Sheridan Media, learning the inter-workings and hard hitting news process at the radio station. He says that for those not taking PAWS, seniors like himself, there's good and bad when it comes to adjusting your school work to the block schedule.

An obvious statement: Students don't like taking tests. Or at least they're too cool to admit it if they do.

Teachers say that the testing days disrupt the teaching process while its happening, but they make do. They brainstorm ways to motivate students through long periods, finding things besides the drive to test well in order to make sure your favorite teacher or favorite school administrator keeps his/her job. Dom says they do a pretty good job.

Past the facetious and student perspectives, whatever instructors do at area schools seems to be working. District 1 and 2 schools were right up at the top when it came to state proficiency rankings last year. Sheridan County School District 1 finishes PAWS this week and get to go on spring break next week. District 2's break will be the first week of April.

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