Animal Cruelty and Jail Time for Junk Vehicles in Sheridan County Circuit Court Thursday

Sheridan County Circuit Court was a busy place Thursday afternoon with all manner of cases going before Judge John Sampson. Among them, the case of Wes R. Pierce, age 22, who was charged with Cruelty to Animals for keeping dogs locked in a back bedroom in his home in Clearmont. Law enforcement officers found the animals underfed, a hole in the carpet where it appeared one or more of them had tried to dig through the floor to get out, and at least one dog could barely walk. The dogs were taken to the animal shelter.

Judge Sampson ordered Pierce to pay the Sheridan County Animal Shelter $700 in restitution beginning no later than February 15th; he will be on unsupervised probation for a period of 1 to 5 years; and he may maintain possession of two horses and two other dogs he now owns, but may not take ownership of any new animals while on probation.

And Shirley Weidt was sentenced to 90 days in the Sheridan County Jail for failure to remove abandoned vehicles from her property on US 14 west of Sheridan. She has been ordered on several occasions over many years to clean up her property, the most recent being this past October. Judge Sampson did allow her to be on a Work Release as approved by the Sheridan County Sheriff's Office; Weidt is to check in to the jail next Thursday, February 4th by 5 pm.

And it was learned yesterday that a new Preliminary Hearing date has been set for Shawn Osborne, age 28, for allegedly murdering 42-year-old Gerald Bloom on January 15th. The new date is Tuesday, February 16th at 3 pm in Sheridan County Circuit Court.

junky property

To the person that said Shirley Weidt needs a house at the Powder Horn;She would never consider that, it is to close to town, she is a country girl; and what she does and has on her property is no worse than some of the property people in Sheridan own,and oh gee they dont get this publicity.Shirley owns that property and she pays taxes on it obviously. what she does with it is her business.Leave the woman alone and if you dont like DONT LOOK!

animal cruelty

how in the world is anyone allowed to keep pets after they have been charged with animal cruelty? It's an outrage, What was this guys explanation for locking his dogs in a back room and not feeding them? obviously it was a good one because he was allowed to keep his animals, How is this guy going to treat his kids?

Call the deputy prosecuting

Call the deputy prosecuting attorney Dianna Bennett. She handled it.
These animal abusers always get away with it.
It is sickening!

Too bad we didn't get it

Too bad we didn't get it cleaned up while working road construction in the area...digging a hole and burying it is about the best way to deal w/ that much garbage!

Shirley Weidt needs a house

Shirley Weidt needs a house at the Powder Horn.

Shirley Weidt

Shirley Weidt has had that property there in that condition long before most of her neighbors built their houses. If they didn't like it they could have chosen somewhere else to build. I don't see where the county has any right to tell a property owner what to do with their land. If the county wants to dictate what can be on the land and how it should look why isn't the county also responsible for the taxes on the land?





Junky Properties

Shirley Weidt will NEVER clean up her property. She leaves it that way just to annoy her neighbors. Now she will be a guest of the County for 90 days on the taxpayers dime.

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