Andrew Joy Receives Sentence

Andrew Joy receives 1 to 5 years probation for first-time offense.
Andrew Joy receives 1 to 5 years probation for first-time offense.

Former Sheridan firefighter Andrew Joy, age 31, received Deferred Prosecution and one to five years probation per terms of a plea agreement in 4th Judicial District Court this morning. Joy had plead guilty to one count of Delivery of a Controlled Substance – Hydrocodone on April 22nd. The charge came after he was arrested in February for giving Sheridan College student Heidi Haines the pills on the college campus.

At today's sentencing, prosecutor for the State, Darci Arsene,told Judge John Fenn that per Statute 7-13-301, the deal sends a message to the community that there were mitigating factors. The defendant acted “more immaturely and stupidly, rather than with criminal intent"; in fact, Joy has no criminal history. She said that his actions have already rendered punishment in that he has been publicly humiliated and he lost his job with Sheridan Fire-Rescue.

Joy's attorney, Ryan Healy, told Judge Fenn that Joy is “a good, young man from a good family who made a dumb decision” to help a friend – Haines and her family have been friends of Joy's family for years. Healy said that Joy had leftover pain pills from surgery that he gave to help Haines. Healy said that Joy's mistake was serious, he has learned his lesson, and Court will not see him again. Healy added that if anyone were ever more suited to receive sentence under 7-13-301, it is Andrew Joy.

Joy told Judge Fenn that he had made a huge mistake and he recognizes his stupidity. He said, “I don't regret helping a friend, but I regret how I helped her.

Accepting the terms of the plea agreement, along with the probation and Deferred Prosecution, Joy is to have no contact with Heidi Haines, he is to pay $200 to the Crime Victims Fund, $10 in court costs and $75 for the substance abuse evaluation. Judge Fenn told Joy that he's been given a unique and special sentence, but if he blows it, Joy faces possible jail time.

A deferred sentence under 7-13-301 is only permitted one time per person. Once the defendant is placed on probation and completes its terms, the subject is clear of the charges.

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