Alcohol and Tobacco Compliance Check Success Is On The Rise

Wyoming's Compliance Check program, which determines whether retail establishments are illegally selling alcohol or tobacco to youth, is seeing growing success according to the Wyoming Department of Health.

A compliance check involves the law enforcement practice of sending a minor into a retail establishment to try buying alcohol or tobacco. If the clerk complies with the law by asking the minor for identification or refusing to sell, the store is said to have successfully "passed" the compliance check. If the clerk provides the minor with alcohol or tobacco, the store "fails" the compliance check and law enforcement personnel may cite the clerk for illegal sale to a minor. State Health Director Dr. Brent Sherard tells us about the goal of the program.

Of the nearly 1000 alcohol compliance checks conducted by Wyoming law enforcement officers last year, 85 percent of liquor stores refused to sell alcohol to underage persons. This is a significant increase from a 79 percent compliance rate in 2008.

Don't be rude!

You would be shocked at how horribly RUDE customers can be when asked to present their ID. Many places are required to ask for ID if the person looks under 40. People have absolute hissy fits!! These people curse, grumble, storm out of the store, throw their money over the counter, cause a scene, yell at the clerk, ect. I think compliance checks are a GREAT idea. However IMHO it's no small wonder that clerks sometimes avoid asking to see ID every single time because of the jerks who give them such a hard time over it. If you go to buy smokes or alchohol, have your ID in hand, no matter your age. It will save a lot of frustration for everyone involved.

Your life is yours alone. Rise up and live it.

I think we need MORE rude

I think we need MORE rude people... Having a stranger ask for my ID, that is not a member of law enforcement is an invasion of my privacy. Why should any persons rights be violated after they turn 21.. If they want to fight underage drinking and smoking, don't push their "law enforcements" job off on a clerk. The clerk dont get payed any extra to do that part of the job...

It's the law

It's against the law for stores to sell to minors... if they do they get fines, the clerks get fired, ect. So of course the law requires stores to ask for ID to buy these items. It is sometimes VERY hard to tell if a person is 16, 18, 21, 25, 30 so on... If you don't want to show your ID to a store clerk, then don't smoke or drink. And of course the clerk dosen't get paid extra, it's part of the job, just like price checks & basic cleaning duties.

Your life is yours alone. Rise up and live it.

Like I said, I think we need

Like I said, I think we need the customer to push back a little more on this. It's dumb to have a 18 year old checking ID's .... I got a laugh at your " then don't smoke or drink." comment.. I don’t smoke and only have a drink every once in a great while. I see the policy for what it is, a way to social engineer people to not smoke or drink. It is a hassle and a risk for anyone to show ID... A lot of people in Sheridan wont understand this, however in larger areas this plays a part in ID theft. There were two cases last year that I can remember, where there were rings of people working at 7/11 getting peoples info and using it this way.. That’s why I support a little civil disobedience in giving a clerk a hard time ….. My time is just as valuable as everyone else’s, if a 18 year old clerk is going to waste a little of my time I feel its right to return the favor..

I agree

I agree. I think that keeping booze and tabacco out of hands of children is just to big of a hassle. We should just let the clerk guess at everybodys age.


Your comment alone states that you're a minor or simply don't respect the law.

J. S. Luckjohn

Slow down Silver,

This IS satire! I know this kid and he isn't what you suspect. By the way, I am older than his Dad.

Cool cool

I'm glad somebody got it. People commenting in here often take things too seriously and loose sight of common sense. You know me?

I can see your point with ID

I can see your point with ID theft. But that dosen't change the fact that if you want to smoke or drink, you have to present your ID. You can laugh all you want at my comment but it is what it is... no ID, no sale, and in many stores a customer who throws a fit will be asked to leave. It's not the clerks fault that the law requires you to show an ID. Yelling at some poor kid behind the counter who is just doing what his job requires is not going change anything. If you want to yell at someone about it, call up the lawmakers and chew them out.

Your life is yours alone. Rise up and live it.

This compliance check is

This compliance check is bound to improve the quality of life for every man,woman and child in sheridan.Plus law enforcement will find a way to milk it for even more funds.
It's a win win situation.

Alcohol and Tobacco Compliance Check

Law enforcement agencies froth at the mouth at the federal monies provided to harass our local business with these "compliance checks". It's sad that anybody would see a $500 dollar fine reasonable for a minimum wage worker that mistakes how old someone is.

try to get your info straight

I work retail. "Mistakes" can not be tollerated and so I'm thankful for these "compliance checks". The fine for anyone selling tobacco to an underage person is not $500 but rather $750 for the first offence, it will also cause instant termination and possible personal legal action. There should be no "mistakes" because the employee is told outright at the time of hire that if a person looks 30 years and younger they are to card...NO MATTER WHAT! If the customer can't handle the employee following the LAW then they have the right to find another place of business. It is not, just something that law enforcement chooses to do, it is the LAW! The employees who sell tobacco have to be 18 themselves so they should have the common sense and ability to see when someone needs to be carded regardless of their wage. What's "sad" is that you think that someone not doing their job peformance and breaking the law should not have consequences.

J. S. Luckjohn

Your job is to serve the

Your job is to serve the customer, try not to elevate the position to anything more than that.. Like I said, we need more rude people to push back on this dumb idea, that you can ask for a strangers ID.. If you want to do something dumb like ask for the ID of a 36 year old, you should expect na deserve a little attitude.. When I get off work the last thing I want is hassle from an 18 year old checker.

well then...

Since that would be your attitude, then expect to simply have the clerk seek the manager who in turn would tell you that if you are going to act in such a disrespectful manner, you can simply find the door and not return.

J. S. Luckjohn

Greed generaly takes care of

Greed generaly takes care of that..


Mistakes my butt. You are supposed to card anyone who may appear to be underage. It takes all of 10 seconds to do. Really not difficult to do unless you are worthless or irresponsible. If they are of age, you can serve them. If they are underage or don't have their ID, then they leave. This is not rocket science. Yet, you'd be surprised how many teens get alcohol from bars/liquor stores.

The only issue I have with

The only issue I have with this is that if you hear how they sometimes do this...2 cops enter a restaurant with a male looking to be close to age. The cops order water and the underage orders a drink. Now as this is a small town, the server at times does know they are cops and assume they would not let someone underage a little misleading I think.


I've never heard of our police department releasing the results of their local compliance inspections. I don't know if they are just not releasing the info or if the media is not publishing any results. It would be nice to know so this info can help the public in determining which bars/liquor stores we want to either support or not go to.

I would have to disagree

I would have to disagree with your logic on releasing the information. If I was a 17 year old kid that wanted to go buy booze I would check out which stores have had a history of not asking for ID's then going there.

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