Administrative Re-plat Ordinance Will Speed Up The Application Process

The City of Sheridan Planning Department has been working on streamlining the application process that is required of developer's and landowners. Monday night the City Council will address the administrative re-plat ordinance on 1st reading. City Planning Director Robert Briggs explains what the ordinance will accomplish.

The City Planning Commission recently gave their approval of the ordinance, and it will now have to go through three readings by the Council before going into effect.

What Briggs is really trying

What Briggs is really trying to say,is the city is further trying to eliminate the process of popular vote by avoiding bringing these issues before city council.That way Alexis Lee and the gang on the planning commission can do whatever they want with no checks and balance from city council.

It follows along with kinskeys tired excuse of "we have to agree with whatever the decision of the planning commission is,or they'll lose faith in council".Which is nothing but a typical kinskey excuse for rubber stamping anything that goes before city council.

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