Additional Charges Filed Against Three Teens Accused Of Murder

The three Sheridan teenagers accused of murdering businessman Robert Ernst last month are set to make another appearance in Sheridan County Circuit Court today.

15-year-old Dharminder Vir Sen, 16-year-old Wyatt Bear Cloud, and 19-year-old Dennis Poitra, Jr. will also face an additional charge of Aggravated Burglary. The new charge relates to Sen and Bear Cloud’s alleged theft of the 9mm handgun used in the burglary. The pair are accused of breaking into a vehicle registered to Tom and Terry Hatch and taking a 9mm Highpoint semi-automatic pistol from the glove compartment. They are being charged with Aggravated Burglary because they armed themselves in the commission of a felony.

The second count of Aggravated Burglary charged against Poitra stems from his alleged invasion of the home of John Bennett earlier in the night that Ernst was killed. Nothing was taken from the Bennett home but it is believed that Poitra was carrying the firearm when he entered that residence.

The First Degree Murder Charges against Bear Cloud and Poitra have also been amended slightly to reflect their role as accessories before the fact. That amendment does not affect their preliminary hearings set for this afternoon. The punishment for accessory to murder is the same as for the murder charge.

All three men face a possible life sentence on the murder charges and up to 25 years in prison for each of the burglary counts.

If Judge Sampson finds that a crime was committed and the three defendants probably did it, the trio will make their next appearance in 4th Judicial District Court to enter their pleas at an arraignment proceeding.

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additional charges

All these young men knew what they were doing when they did it. A man is dead - these young men did not use the gun to go out and shoot pop cans. They killed someone. They made a mistake - certainly. They are all young - certainly. They should all get at least 25 years to life. Because they are all young - they will still be young when they get out in 25 years. This crime was not just an oops-oh sorry, just because they are teenagers. None of them should have been out at that hour - way past the curfew. Now they wanted to treated like little kids who did not know what they were doing. Too late - you all killed this man - whether your finger pulled the trigger or not. You were ALL in the same house at the same time with the same plan. You ALL now must come to the realization for ALL YOUR actions. Real life - man is dead - ALL of you must accept responsibility.


I knew wyatt and junior,

I knew wyatt and junior, actually junior use to be one of my good friends. I understand what they have done wrong. They have caused many hearts to be broken and for others to open their eyes. I have read over the past few weeks the comments people have been posting about these young men and their families and I am hoping that maybe everyone else will sit back and actually read what they are putting in the comments and how rude or mean they actually sound. Yes a person is dead and yes heart's are broken but is their a reason on why the family's have to suffer from the town peoples comments? Kids/young adults/teenagers do as they want even if their parents have raised them to be "The Perfect Child".


ur such a jerk....all u have to say is hate full things. ya people make mistake, but nobody needs ur stupid ass being so negitive. I know for a fact that wyatt feels bad for wat he did and knows he cant take it back. and same with jr. everyone makes mistakes and people should get over it. im not saying that everyone who commited a crime should be forgived at let free, but i am saying that ya they should serve their time and learn from their mistakes. u just dont have to be such an ass about it.

Whose hatin now?

That was a classy (sarcasm) response! Also seemed to be hateful which you seem to not like. You are obviously a friend or relative of one of the boys. I get it.

I'm sorry for not being positive. What is there to be positive about? A man is dead. His family must cope with that. A community is in fear. Three boys will spend many, many years in prison. Their family and friends too grieve over the bleak future of the boys. Name one thing to be positive or happy about. I cannot think of one.

People make mistakes, and some mistakes are unforgivable. Shoplifting is forgivable. Murder is not.

Clean up your language and practice what you preach kiddo.

Society is what we make of

Society is what we make of it, and as a collective the majority understands that when you run wild, break into cars, steal others property, break into another’s home, or are involved in a senseless murder a price must be paid. I look at it this way, People who are relatives or friends of the boys are going in a process of grief. Some are not yet at the stage of acceptance. Some do not yet understand that the three boys will be removed as members of our community. They may not be returned as members of society for a very long time. Our law will remove them from our civil society until such time they are deemed ready to re enter our society. People who are close to the perpetrators are just not at a point to fully understand that. Hate or no hate, the community discussing the consequences and feelings of this situation is a good thing.
Part of the point is everyone in this country is entitled to voice their opinion. That is a big part of what defines our country, and sets us apart from the rest of the world. This is part of what gives us Americans our unique culture. "Kiddo" may or may not understand that others have the right to voice their feelings.
I don't think a single mature adult here advocates hate. What a lot of adults don’t understand is that what is taught in schools now days, is that hate is a word that is used to invoke a "chilling effect" on any given conversation. It's used to back people down from a given position.

Hate or truth

Why shouldn't these kids face death. They took a life with no consideration??? 15 or 36, does it really matter when they stole the gun to start, why else would you steal a gun other than to use it? They should all face the death sentence and be found guilty!!! Our money should pay for them to have a ride "inside". They took what wasn't their's to take!

actions speak

I hope that the stealing of the gun is considered in their sentencing.

It will be

The two youngest boys are no charged with stealing the gun.

it IS the youngest two who

it IS the youngest two who are charged w/ taking the gun...

I don't know..

I don't know, all I can say is I'm really diggin' Vir Sen's purple pants.

purple pants

Why are they not wearing orange?


He's not wearing orange (jail colors) as he was sent down to Casper's JDC.

J. S. Luckjohn

I fail to see why it

I fail to see why it matters.. No big deal, If I had to vote they would all have pink on like they do in arizona.


No where did I say in my original post or at any time have I said that the kids should die, that the parents should be run out of town or anything else blatantly hateful. What I have said is that the kids need to be held accountable for their actions to the full extent of the law.

We've had people here complaining about the law and stating that Bear Cloud shouldn't be charged with murder because he didn't pull the trigger. While true, we now have more evidence that he had knowledge of the weapon as he helped steal it.

Wanting to have a murderer held accountable for their actions is not hate.

Whether you like it or not, this is a compelling news story and as more hearings and evidence comes out, the circumstances behind the crime and who did what is bound to be discussed. If you don't like it, don't read it.


Sorry you have nothing better to do than spew hate on this page!!!



Just an observation. How was that hateful. I'm full of love. I love you!


Read your previous comment again, that's not Love?!



The wonderful Mr. Bear Cloud who so many here have wasted their breath defending was ALSO directly involved in the theft of the gun that wsa used in the murder! Oopsie.

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