Accident On Red Grade Road Tuesday Could Have Been A Lot Worse

Just before 1 o'clock Tuesday afternoon a near catastrophe was avoided on Red Grade Road in Sheridan County. Big Horn Volunteer Fire Department Chief Russ Cox gives us the details.

As to why the bailout was needed?

Cox said that the vehicle had Johnson County license plates, but that he was unsure of where the owner was from.

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I've had to coast with no engine down

Killed the truck earlier this summer and had the joy of having no engine or power brakes while having to coast down Red Grade. Talk about an interesting experience to say the least. Glad my break pads were'nt very old when it started though they were pretty toast after the trip.

Red Grade

I looked at this over the weekend, glad he got out safe. That looks like a long ways down.. I always use 4 low when going down that part, like the other reader said, it works better when you let the engine act as the break.

Red Grade

I have to shift to a lower gear when I'm even walking down it!

Red Grade is definitely a

Red Grade is definitely a place where shifting into low gear is a very good idea. I even place my pickup into 4-low when descending this road. I'm not sure of the circumstances in this particular incident, but too many people rely entirely on their brakes to hold them back. They should shift down and let the engine do most of the work.

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