AARP Wyoming: Health Care Reform Wishes Granted

The U.S. House is getting ready to put health care reform to a vote. The Affordable Health Care for America Act is scheduled for consideration this weekend, and AARP is giving its stamp of approval.

AARP Wyoming director Tim Summers says after two years of his group's research and outreach on what Americans need in health reform, they found this bill, well, fits the bill, so to speak. Summers adds that it would help the 76,000 Medicare users in the Cowboy State, as well as every family that has found private market insurance too expensive or faced denial of coverage.

Summers feels the bill is good news for the state's 11,000 residents in the 50-to-64 age range who often find themselves shut out of the private insurance market.

The legislation sets up a public insurance offering, allows Medicare to negotiate with drug makers for lower prices, and prevents insurance companies from denying coverage because of age or preexisting conditions.

Opponents of the bill and its related pieces of legislation say it will be too expensive and nothing is being done to control medical costs. AARP is officially endorsing the legislation, as is the American Medical Association.

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