911 Mapping For Jo Co Coming Along, Still Ways To Go

911 Mapping For Jo Co Coming Along, Still Ways To Go

At this week's meeting, the Johnson County Commissioners got an update from Assistant County Planner Jim Waller on the progress made on the 911 and county mapping data he has been compiling.

Waller said he began working in the northern half of the county and has worked his way south, and has 15 to 20% of the city completed and 15 to 20% of the county completed as far as site addresses are concerned. He said he is “working on it, and it is getting there.”

He explained further.

Accuracy in the data layers is important to every office in the city and county, but especially to emergency responders that must have accurate information to locate a rural address or an injured party somewhere in the county.
Johnson County dispatch has encountered many inaccuracies in the current system because inaccurate data is currently in the system they rely on. Waller is in the process of updating the data for better accuracy.

Waller had once hoped the data layering would take about a year to complete but has discovered more problems with base data that must be corrected before he can move on to building the data layers on top of the base data.
He now isn't sure about the timeline for completion.

Waller said, “It's kinda like working two jobs on this, but we're making progress.”

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