4th Annual Pinewood Derby Classic

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Warren Armstrong gets his car lined up just right.
Warren Armstrong gets his car lined up just right.

It was the 4th Annual Pinewood Derby Classic Saturday in the Hammer Chevrolet showroom as sixteen businesses went head-to-head vying for bragging rights for the fastest car on the track. Sheridan Media's Judy Hagerott was there, in the Hammer Chevrolet showroom at race time.

Just what is it about men and their cars. Is it the pride they put into building them or is it just that competitive edge that drives them. I was there at race time when those big boys representing sixteen local businesses took to the racetrack for the 4th annual Pinewood Derby Classic sponsored by Sheridan Media.

You should have seen these guys carefully line up their wooden cars, eyeballing the wheels making sure they had it right. I mean it had to be perfect. Brad Tiffany was there representing “Captain Clean” and I asked him what it took to build a prizewinning race car.

Father-son-time, now, I'm all for that, sounds like some quality time together. But did you hear who did most of the work? As far a race strategy, Brad had this philosophy.

Sheridan Media's Steve Sisson and Grant Toth went head-to-head in one of the meets. Sisson took the race, but it just made you wonder how he did it. The way he carved his car, he had a parrot driving it and that car wiggled and wobbled down the track so bad, it's a miracle it didn't go airborne. Eventually, Sisson was ousted and the final race came down to Warren Armstrong representing the VFW and Sam Summers racing for Cowboy State Bank.

Armstrong enjoyed watching his boys race their own Pinewood Derby cars when they were in scouts and I asked him why he built his own car.

Summers just wanted to win.

And his car building technique?

Summers did win in a very close race. But do you remember how he explained how he built his car, just the right weight, slick and fast. Truth be known, it was built by Donna Richard's son, a boy scout.

You know, I ran across a Pinewood Derby car down in our basement. Sleek and fast, it gave me an idea. I think there should be more women in this race. So guys, make room. Next year, Sheridan Media might just have another driver on its crew.

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