36th Annual Dayton Days

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Duck Catcher
Duck Catcher

It was the 36th annual Dayton Days, four days of celebration held every year in Dayton. Sheridan Media's Judy Hagerott went out Saturday to to see what was going on.

Dayton Days, a time for a small town to just throw down and have a good time.

I went out Saturday morning to enjoy the parade and the other festivities. Crowds on both sides of Main watched as the forty-plus parade participants passed by. Eighty-seven year-old Effie Rexroat was there along with Jill Latoush and Kris Madson.

I think they bring up those Tongue River kids with mighty strong arms. They didn't just drop a few candies from the floats, they threw them and threw them hard. I was ducking and not only from the candy, but also from the water. Those parade participants were making sure the crowd was kept plenty cool with the water they were squirting.

Bob Alley, parade chairman tells us the theme for Dayton Days.

Now, I like that, “Ladies First in Dayton.” Once the parade was over, everyone headed to Scott Bicentennial Park for other activities. There was volleyball for all ages, plenty of food vendors to keep everyone happy, and a talent show for local youth. It was just nice to watch the young people sing their hearts out. Thirteen year-old Sierra McCoy wants to be a professional singer.

Caylyn Dygon sang with Sierra. For her, these were some huge steps forward in this young ladies life. Laurie Linhart, aunt and guardian of Caylyn couldn't have been more proud.

She explains.

I swear those parents out in Dayton train their kids young. During one of the songs, these little kids ran towards the crowd and started throwing these soft plastic balls. Ducking my head once again, I got pelted and still don't know why they threw the balls. Duck race next.

I went down creek side to the lucky winner and was wondering what all those kids were doing in the creek. Once the first, second, and third place ducks were caught, it was a free-for-all. I was being showered with ducks. Those kids in the water were throwing all those ducks to the shore. There were ducks flying everywhere. I took off up the creek bank, ducking once again, hoping not to be hit by a falling duck.

Shawna McNabbed nabbed the lucky duck and what was she going to do with her winnings.

Enjoy Dayton Days. I think that's what everybody did...enjoy Dayton Days. For Sheridan Media News, this is Judy Hagerott reporting.

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