2nd Death Linked To Case Involving Wyoming Bull Rider

CASPER, (AP) - Federal prosecutors have linked a second death to a case in which a group of Wyoming men are charged with distributing cocaine and heroin. The group also has been connected to the December 2nd death of Cheyenne professional bull rider Bryan John Guthrie.

Authorities named a fifth defendant in a new indictment unsealed Thursday in federal court in Casper that cites the death of 34-year-old Valarie A. Sena in Cheyenne on August 1st.

Authorities say Vernon V. Ellefson Jr. was charged with one count of conspiracy to distribute heroin and cocaine resulting in death, and another count of distribution of heroin resulting in death. The new indictment did not contain any details about Sena's death or Ellefson's alleged involvement.

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Bad drugs!

There are so many cases involving people in this world about people dying from bad drugs it escapes me why anyone would make a death-defying decision to even try them. Meth is made from chemicals so strong it destroys a human body from the inside out. A few years ago, there was some purposely tainted pot that was being sold that was laced with some kind of crap, for a bigger high, that was causing death. In my opinion, the courts need to get far more aggressive in getting the dealers off the streets! The easiest way I can see to do this is to break the users, no users=no dealers! Fines need to be higher!

You can't change a users

You can't change a users mind set, they need to do that for their self. You are not your brothers keeper so try to focus on your own issues..



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