21st Century Technology Helps Sheridan Students

One of the advantages of building a brand new school is being able to integrate new technologies from the ground up. Sheridan Media News Director Kurt Layher tells us more about hi-tech in education.
Educating our youth has come a long way from slide-rules and blackboards. The further our society progresses into the digital age, the younger the students are when they need to learn to use that technology. The new Woodland Park Elementary School was built with more student-use computers than high school computer programming classes had 15 years ago. Sheridan County School District 2 Director of Elementary Education, Scott Stults, says the computer labs are not the only classrooms using new high-tech systems. No more flickering movie projectors or wheeling in televisions and VCR’s. Over head projectors are also becoming a thing of the past, as document cameras give teachers the chance to project any paper for the whole class. This can even be used to display student work without making transparencies. But what about older school buildings? Tomorrow we’ll talk about the downside of technology in school and later this week, the Internet, and how it’s changed education.
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