144 Bills and a Balanced Budget - Wyoming Legislative Update

One week down, three to go at the 2010 Budget Session in Cheyenne. State lawmakers had last week to introduce their bills, and were limited to five per legislator, bringing the total introduced to about 145.

Representative Rosie Berger of Big Horn, who co-chairs the Joint Appropriations Committee, says that this week the bills will switch chambers, and the majority are being worked in Committee. Of the 2010 Budget, she tells us.

Some of the hot bills this session include the ban on texting while driving, which Berger says has gotten more traction this year than ever before. And while for most people it's a common sense issue, Berger says.

And Berger wishes to clarify her vote on House Bill 28 on Firearms Freedom.

Berger encourages residents to send e-mails and keep abreast of the daily workings of the Wyoming legislators by visiting their website legisweb.state.wy.us

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HB95 passed committee, HB28

HB95 passed committee, HB28 was tabled so now we have just one bill. I hope to see Representative Berger keeping her word to supporting one bill and getting behind HB95 now. Myself, family, and friends will be watching, and holding the republican party at large responsible for getting this passed. Remember elections are this fall.

I didn't care for the part

I didn't care for the part of the interview where she talked about banning texting while driving because we might lose highway funds, that's a poor excuse for passing even more needless laws. It's about time we start standing up to Washington. I wonder, if offered money by Washington, what other kind of laws she would favor?
As far as HB95, it will probably pass without her vote, but I hope someone will run for her place in the Wyoming House, we deserve better than cop out's and excuses.

These are called "funded

These are called "funded mandates" that the national government sets to create a national standard. The same as the drinking age being set as 21 for recieving highway funds. Although I agree that it has gotten a little out of hand, banning texting while driving isn't to high of a price to pay for some highway money.

Let the funding go,

Let the funding go, Interstate highways benefit mostly interstate cargo shipping.. Wyoming needs to be building up a better secondary intrAstate network anyway. A secondary intrAstate network should be funded by county money, and would not be subject to being turned in to a toll road that will be turned over to a private management entity. If that were put in place the Federal government could not strong arm states on these matters. Fact is, had they done this 30 years ago when the feds played this card the state would have a lot more power then it does now.

No, it's not the best fight

No, it's not the best fight to pick. It's a fight that should have been fought years ago on an issue like the 21 drinking age, no child left behind, the 55 speed limit.....Any number of places that the federal government has intruded into the business of the states. As far as the money let the federal government keep it, and we can make I80 a toll road.

Politics as usual for Berger rather than listen to Wy Citizens

So Berger basically has said she was following Jackson Rep. Gingery's lead to support the first one Miller's HB 28 rather than Representative Jaggi's bill HB95 the second one, because we didn't need more than one bill... what she fails to mention is which bill is "stronger" and which bill the people favor more, which obviously it has been a resounding HB95 is better favored by the public, as well as gun manufacturer Freedom Arms endorsing HB95, but rather than serving her constituents she followed the lead of another "politician" aka Gingery because he is the head of the Judiciary Committee...



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