110,000 Wyomingites Denied Health Coverage

110,000 Wyomingites Denied Health Coverage

A report released Thursday by the health reform advocacy group Families USA shows nearly 110,000 Wyomingites under the age of 65 have a diagnosed pre-existing condition.

Nurse practitioner Elizabeth Kostas-Polston (KOS-tuss POLES-tun) says the numbers are not surprising, based on the patients in her rural practice. She has discovered pre-existing conditions don't just impact those who are older; rather, they also affect adults who are working and raising families, all of whom will benefit from the federal health reform law.

Kostas-Polston says that when someone is having problems related to a pre-existing health condition, all areas of their life can suffer.

Diabetes and cancer are also classified as pre-existing conditions. The health problems aren't limited to those likely not to have any insurance coverage through work. The report says nearly three-quarters of those with the kinds of medical conditions that could lead to denial of insurance coverage are middle-class and higher-income Americans.

I've got mixed feelings on

I've got mixed feelings on the health bill, but am glad it will no longer be possible for insurers to look at people's medical history for preexisting conditions, or drop coverage when they get sick.


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