1-Cent Optional Sales Tax Survey Closes Tuesday

One day left to fill out survey on Optional 1-Cent Tax.
One day left to fill out survey on Optional 1-Cent Tax.

The Sheridan County Commissioners issued a reminder today that the 1-Cent Optional Sales Tax Surveys sent to Sheridan County residents in July must be returned no later than Tuesday, August 10. Surveys postmarked on the 10th will still be counted. The online survey will remain active until midnight on Tuesday.

The 1-Cent Optional Sales Tax will be on the ballot for renewal on November 2, 2010. The 1-Cent survey is intended to provide municipal councils and the County Commission with perspective on public values and priorities regarding future allocations of the tax. Following the compilation of survey results over the next week, the councils and Commission will review 1-Cent applications that have been received and begin determining how best to allocate the approximate $20 million the tax would generate if renewed for another four years.

Sheridan County Business Manager Renee Obermuelller pointed out that recent reductions in state and federal funding mean the 1-Cent Optional Sales Tax will play a more critical role in providing essential facilities, equipment and services in Sheridan County communities.

Sheridan County, the City of Sheridan, and the towns of Clearmont, Dayton and Ranchester will conduct a series of public workshops throughout the county beginning in September to share information and hear public comment regarding the proposed tax allocations.

The link to the online survey may be completed at http://www.sheridancounty1cent.com

Questions about the 1-Cent Optional Sales Tax may be directed to:

Sheridan County Commission 674-2900
Sheridan City Council 674-6483
Clearmont Town Council 758-4465
Dayton Town Council 655-2217
Ranchester Town Council 655-2283

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Money jar.

This 'one cent' thing is causing quite a stir. Since a lot of people are for it and a lot against it, it would be impossible to please everyone. Therefore, I suggest having all business owners set up donation jars at their counters. When someone makes a purchase and they are for the 'one cent' tax, they can donate to the jar. I have a sneaking hunch that those jars won't be filling up anytime soon.

Perfect Solution

I suggested one-percent donation jars in 2006. It's the perfect way to make nearly 100% of the voters happy. Those not wanting to have the tax re-imposed, are liberated from it and those wanting to re-impose the tax, remain free to give to good causes. In fact they can give as much as they want to any cause that pleases them. It's a win-win. Let's free our neighbors from this tax.
The only thing that will be "lost" when we vote NO, is the ability of some to "force" their will on others. That's a good thing to eliminate from our present situation.
Voluntary is so much more civilized than force.
The only reason tax liberation won't please everyone, is that some people derive some perverse "pleasure" from imposing on others. Sense of power I guess, like those addicted to it in DC.
Let's not follow Washington down the road to serfdom. Please.
Now more than ever we need to explore all the good ways we can raise money....voluntarily.
Remember: Freedom in November.


How kind?

Where do you come up with "against their will?" That's why it is called voting - remember the majority rules? If you don't like the tax vote against it. I would bet you are one of those people that preach against "socialism" but will use everything that is publically provide(Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, VA Benefits, Public Roads, Schools, Library etc )- I find that to be so hippocritical.


Excellent Question

About 35% of voters choose to liberate our neighbors from the one-percent mandatory tax in 2006. Since they were in the minority, the tax was re-imposed on them (and all of us). For the next four and a half years, those voting in favor of liberty were forced to pay the tax, right? If re-imposed, paying it is not "optional" it is mandatory. Therefore, those voting to Not re-impose, are forced to pay the tax, "against their will."
The word "democracy" is not used, even once, in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. Not once. Why?
The founders knew that all "democracies" descend to a "tyranny of the majority." Wherby 51% can impose their will on the 49%. That's extremely dangerous to individual rights and freedom itself. That's why they set up a Republic with inalienable individual rights and liberties. Our system of gov't is correctly refered to as: Majority rule, with minority rights protected. Especially that highest and most sovereign minority....the minority of one; the individual was on top in America.
A majority of 99% could not vote away a person's natural rights to life, liberty, property, self defense, freedom to speak and more.
That a simple majority can re-impose this regressive sales tax, is an immoral and unconstitutional theft of rights from the individual. A majority of 51% or 99% cannot impose their will on their neighbors, at least not if we apply our founding American core values and principles.
And no, I've never taken anything from the "public." I work for a living, not vote for it.
Now more than ever we need to know our history and return to the path of freedom to choose and avoid the path of forced to comply. Remember: Freedom in November.


Your example of the 51%

Your example of the 51% majority reminded me about something I wrote in the Open Forum some time ago. This illustrates how "range" voting addresses deficiencies of majority vote counting. Majority vote counting is much simpler, but in elections with narrow margins, particularly those with more than two viable candidates, I think Range voting would be a better way to go.

On the other hand, with an issue like this tax where you only have a Yes or No option, I don't think there would be a better way of counting votes. As long as more people support the tax than don't (even if it's just slightly more than half), the rest must go along with it. That's just part of living in a society.

The best option for those who oppose the tax is to convince more people to side with them. If support for the tax is split close to the middle, it shouldn't be all that difficult to get enough people to tip the scales. However, if there is a wide margin of support, then defeating the tax is probably a lost cause. At that point your best options are 1) accept that you are outnumbered in the society in which you live or 2) move to another community where your position isn't the minority.

Can't Leave

Thanks for the invitation, but I can't leave my home. My roots are too deep. I'm here for the duration and will work to educate my fellow citizens on the joys of giving, instead of the evils of force.
A voluntary society is invariably a more peaceful, productive and happy place to live. Since Sheridan is almost perfect, this little move towards freedom will only make it better.
Besides, it's only a penny, right, the gov't won't even miss it. And imagine all the smiles, from happy people, re-discovering the joy of giving.
Aren't you glad that the American people chose to fight against taxes being imposed, in the 1770's? What would have happened if they thought it was a "lost cause" and just left town? We'd still be British subjects if we had listened to the "tax-supporting" Tories. Glad those Amercians had both brains and spines and didn't just knuckle-under to bullies.
Now more than ever we need chart a path towards lower taxes and more freedom. The national gov't may be heading towards ruin, but we don't have to follow them over the cliff.
Freedom in November.


I am glad the American

I am glad the American people chose to fight against taxes in the 1770s, but was that decision unanimous or was it merely a majority of people who felt that way? If majority rule worked then it should still work now, and you shouldn't complain about the fact that a certain percentage of the people are "forced" to go along with a plan they didn't support.

One could argue that if a majority of voters elect to continue the tax in November, they ARE voluntarily giving. They are CHOOSING to give a small extra amount whenever they purchase something at a store. It's no different from a cashier asking you if you would like to donate $1 to their campaign and put your name on a shamrock on their wall, except it's done automatically because you said "yes" to a similar question on election day, and instead of a shamrock on the store wall you have a penny sign in the park.

Is manual giving any more virtuous than automatic giving?

Good stuff

Thanks for the thoughtful reply. Actually, the American Revolution was supported by a distinct "minority" of the populace. It's much easier to accept the chains of tyranny, than to actually get up and "throw the tea in the harbor."
Our founders set up a system of: "Majority Rule, with Minority Rights Protected." The ultimate minority was the minority of "One." A person's life liberty and property could not be taken form him, by a 51% majority of even a 99% majority.
Could 99% of the county vote to take all your money? Of course not. You have the right to the fruits of your labor and the right to spend your money (property) as you will.
So obviously, a simple, 51% majority can't take your property, either. Could they take just one-percent of your money?
Not morally. It violates your inalienable right to liberty and property.
Yes, I know that the tax is only paid, if something is bought in Sheridan, but that's a very minor distinction that still violates the essential Amercian principles of natural rights.
Yes, those wanting to re-impose the tax could be said to be voluntarily, choosing to "give." But that is not the case for those wanting tax liberation. They are having the right of "freedom to choose" stripped from them. They are, indeed being "forced to contribute". And that is NOT "giving". Giving is, by definition a voluntary act.
Taxes are forced contributions (if you buy someting in Sheridan).
Do you really see taxes as "automatic giving?" And voluntary, charity as "manual" giving?"
The difference between money raised by taxation and money raised by donations is as stark as night and day.
Taxes are collected by force. Either implied, if one pays, or by actually applied force, if one tries to refuse. Try walking out of the store without paying the tax, even one-percent.
On the other hand, donations are voluntary. People "ask" for your kindness in giving. The giver and receiver usually smile while doing it, too.
Do you smile when taxes get added to your new car purchase. Do you think of paying taxes as "giving?"


One can always take their

One can always take their dollars elsewhere if they sincerly think the tax is immoral. There are also options like growing a garden, or buying products used from places like ebay or craigslist.

Yes, Indeed

And I do all of those things and more. I'm deliberatly refraining from discussing the "shop elsewhere" concept, for now.
I do, indeed, think the tax is a bad idea for a whole host of reasons. But I would prefer to discuss the pertinent issues surrounding re-imposition of this regressive tax.
This tax has all the same negatives as the food tax that we sucessfully liberated ourselves from. Does anyone want to re-impose the food tax?
I'm confident that we can free ourselves from this tax, also, once all the truth about this tax are aired. Especially during a recession we need to lighten our tax burden as much as we can. And we should do it for our neighbors, too. Let's not re-impose a burden on those struggling just to get by.
Remember: Freedom in November.


Perfect Place

I agree. Imposing building codes and taxes are similiar issues. Both involve force against those who would prefer the freedom to choose; either how to build or how to spend their money. No one can claim that gov't can do a better job of allocating one's personal resources, than can the person owning those resources. I'm much better at spending my money than is gov't. That's just a fact.
And if the tax is re-imposed (and don't count on it in this economy) it leads to a whole host of "bad things" that come with a "well-funded" gov't. If the gov't is operating on a tight budget, they are forced to be more effecient. A lean gov't sticks to it's assigned duties: fire and police protection and plowing the streets. Give it any extra dough and mischief ensues.
And the commish's heard us loud and clear and did stop the encroachment. The same will be true of the "would be" tax imposers. Call their bluff and show the public the beauty of voluntary cooperation and most will vote for Liberation from the tax, instead of re-imposing forced contributions.


Must be Returned?

"The survey "must" be returned..." So returning the survey is as Mandatory as the tax itself? Maybe that's why calling it the "One-Percent Mandatory (OPM) Tax" is catching on. Residents "must" return the survey, just as we are "forced" to pay the tax, even if only a 51% majority approve of re-imposing it.

Is the growing percentage of people with the "cents" to resist the imposition of the tax; also required to pay the postage?. I thought that type of audacity resided only in DC.

Since You Asked what we value.

We value: Living in a free country where "freedom to choose" is much more previlent than "forced to comply."
We value: Our natural right to keep the fruits of our labor and have complete (personal) control over the allocation.
We value: A live and let live environment where our neighbors no more impose their will on us, than we do on them.
We value: Keeping money in the most effecient private sector and out of wasteful gov't coffers.
We value: The rule of law. Not stealing....even for a "good cause" or if it's only a "small" amount.
We value: Forthright information from our public servants. The OPM "Survey" was propaganda and an insult.

In short, we value the founding American principles and resist the Re-imposition of this regressive Tax.

The best allocation for our money? Return it to it's rightful owners; those who produced it, in the first place.

The economy of 2010 is vastly different from '06. People are hurting and need to keep as much of their money in their pockets as they can.

Now more than ever, we need to carefully consider the effects of re-imposing a regressive tax.

Remember: Freedom in Novemeber


wow rebel. you are ignorance

wow rebel. you are ignorance at its best. the survey is not mandatory but in order for it to be considered it has to be turned in by a certain point in time. i know its hard for someone like you that wants no restrictions whatsoever to understand the concept of a deadline. and please next time you try and throw out the rule of law know what it means versus making a fool of yourself by not knowing that rule of law has nothing to do with "stealing....even for a 'good cause.'" please next time before you try to abolish taxes in america because of the economy know your basic poly sci.

How Kind

I notice that no substanative, counter-arguements were put forward, in support of re-imposing the sales tax. Is that because there are no good reasons to take money from people, against their will?
Also, when one side of a discussion is unable to offer logical reasons to support a given position, "attacks against the man" are sometimes resorted to. It demonstrates a failure of reasoning ability and I believe "personal attacks" are specifically prohibited on this forum.
I would, though, encourage the web moderator to leave the post up, if only to demonstrate the lack of arguements in favor of re-imposing the sales tax.
Now more than ever we need to calmly and rationally discuss the total ramifications surrounding either the re-imposition of the sales tax; or our Liberation from same.
Remember: Freedom in November.


As long as you don't object

As long as you don't object to leaving the post up it will stay.

Keep It

Thanks for asking. I think leaving it up will serve a purpose. I've been discussing this matter for a while now and have yet to get a solid justification for funding our needs, via forced taxation, instead of voluntary contributions. Freedom is always better than force. Now more than ever, we need to discuss this as fully informed, rational adults.
Remember: Freedom in November.


"ignorance at its best"

I looked at what he wrote two or three times and could not see the connection you made with/to the deadline being the point of his message. Maybe I gave him more credit than he was due, but I feel I understood where he was trying to come from.. I see a lot wrong with your comment, in my mind it represents a lot of what is wrong with society as a whole. Your comment shows a lack of even attempting to understand where the man may be coming from... I got a kick out of your pointed words, ignorance, fool, "someone like you".. After an attack like that on one mans opinion you might want to take a close look in the mirror.. "Poly Sci", lol I'm sorry but that struck me as kind of funny, mostly because I thought the issue at hand is more of an economic topic.. 1 cent, it's only 1cent.... I've seen that comment touted more then once. All in the same year that the Wyoming PUC allowed a what was it, 35% increase in energy cost.. But ya, it's only 1 cent here... Before you get hot and heavy with your strength in Political Science, you might want to do a little review of math 101.... This is an issue of simple addition driving a mass of people to frustration.. That's what I see in this persons comment, what I see in your comment is a disconnect with a main street opinion..

Thank you.

For some odd reason I couldn't find anything. Could be saying something about the guy doing the searching. (Me)!

One cent tax/building inspections

I tried to find the article about the County Commissioners and the building inspections but I can't seem to locate it. I was involved in a recent conversation about the Commissioners, the one cent tax, and building inspections. The inspections idea was met with a lot of resistance, the commissioners backed off. It was brought up that this IS an election year and the commissioners want to protect their jobs and insure the one cent tax passes. Once they are voted back in and the 'optional' tax passes, the building inspections will again surface. I know this seems to be the wrong place for this comment but I couldn't find the article I was looking for and wanted to get this out there for ideas and feedback.


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