City Council Talks Utilities At Last Night’s Meeting

At last night's Sheridan City Council meeting, the City of Sheridan agreed to spend nearly $20,000 for their portion of design work to expand the clearwell at the Big Goose Water Treatment plant. Councilors had questions about how the City’s portion was calculated. Councilor Ryan Mulholland…

City Council Resolution Comes From Nearly Twenty Year Old Discussions

Last month, the Sheridan City Council chose a new member to replace Scott Severs in Ward 1. The Council met with 5 candidates for the vacant seat in a public meeting on July 27th. Once interviews were complete, the councilors each voted for one candidate by secret ballot. As it turns out, only one polling was required as 5 of the 6 councilors cast a ballot for John Heath.

Council Gives Final Approval To Changes In Building Permit Requirements

The requirements for obtaining building permits within the City of Sheridan have changed for smaller projects. In the past, any project that cost more than $1,000 would require a building permit. The City Council passed an ordinance on 3rd reading that raised that limit to $3,000.

Today Is Election Day For Capital Facilities Tax Proposal

It’s hard to think about holding an election in August of an odd year but today is Election Day for the Sheridan County Capital Facilities Tax. Absentee voting started slowly but has nearly doubled in the last week. The polls will be open until 7 o’clock tonight. Those who have not registered can do so at the polls.

Second Round Of Auditions For Civic Theater Guild Play Are Tonight

With an 11-member cast, auditions have already begun for a Sheridan Civic Theater Guild upcoming production. Director Ann Quick explains just what the play is.

Center For A Vital Community Is Looking For Rotaract Members

The Center for Vital Community at Sheridan College has been instrumental in the development of the Sheridan Rotaract Club. CVC Director Jenny Craft explains that it's similar to Rotary.

Craft says that the Rotaract Club is in its second year of operation.

Government Run Health Care Is Not An Option For Senator Enzi

U.S. Senator Mike Enzi repeated his opposition to a government run health care plan Monday while addressing the Casper Rotary Club. Enzi said health care reform is urgently needed, but a government takeover would make the situation worse.

Scars Linger from Killer Montana Quake of '59

GALLATIN NATIONAL FOREST, Mont.(AP) - Fifty years ago today, a massive earthquake rocked the mountains of southeastern Montana, setting off a rockslide that buried a packed National Forest campground under 80 million tons of debris.

Medicare "Mythbusters" at Work in Wyoming

One look at the town hall health care reform meetings taking place across the country shows how emotional the topic is, and AARP is trying to help.

Missouri RICO Act Charges a 1st for Human Trafficking Case in Several States -- Including Wyoming

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - A massive federal human trafficking case in Kansas City is the first time the government has pursued such charges under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations -- or RICO -- Act.

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