The “Spice” Problem is Being Addressed Locally

The “Spice” Problem is Being Addressed Locally

The Sheridan City Council will consider an ordinance tonight that would ban the substance known as “Spice”, which is a synthetic form of marijuana, and is currently legal in Sheridan.

Northern Wyoming Mental Health Center Core Prevention Specialist Jessica Stephens says that they are seeing more and more use of it among the youth in Sheridan. As far as why this legal substance can be so dangerous.

And regarding spice being sold in Sheridan?

Stephens said that another reason why it's so dangerous for teens is because their brain is still developing, and the long term effects of the substance are not yet known.

The Sheridan City Council will consider on ordinance on first reading tonight that would ban the sale of spice within the City. The Council will also vote on a resolution urging the Legislature to address the issue as well.

New spice store

Hey, did ya hear about the new store that opened up to sell spice? It's located just outside city limits and the price is now higher, since the ban in Sheridan means you have to drive to get it. Basic supply and demand and the un-intended economic effects of banning something people want.

You can't legislate morality.

Oh and I'd never heard of spice till the ban was proposed. Didn't even know syn-marijuana existed. Thanks for the heads up to both the council and the press.

Give me Liberty or....

Give me Liberty or....

substance abuse

thank goodness for substance abuse, it provides many college graduates state and federal jobs as probation officers and social workers. well paying jobs with benefits and retirement pensions, keep on using folks!

Outlaw the SPICE GIRLS!

What a bunch of hyprocrites! Your right this town is full of drunks that think they are above the law! I've never seen(and i've been there) so many so called upstanding members of the community get so drunk as during the rodeo week, and be proud of it! So outlaw rodeo not spice ! not that I would smoke that cr*p! but if if it knocks a few idiots out of the gene pool we would all benifit! So get off your high horses and join the rest world in realizing the war on drugs is sham and is a way of brain-washing the public into giving more of there paychecks away to fund the MODERN POLICE STATE!

please change my what ever from I hear voices to SAY WHAT! hope you can do this for thanks.

The bar owners and alcohol

The bar owners and alcohol lobby in this state are pretty powerful.


a town of flaming drunks upset about a new drug epidemic..... does anyone see the irony here????? ask asking............

Nice call. You are right.

Nice call. You are right. Alcohol is a far bigger problem in this town then all of the drugs combined. The one difference being that alcohol CAN be used in a safe responsible manner, unlike most drugs. But with that being said, is alcohol used in a responsible manner in this town? Yeah, you called it.

if marijuana was legal... ?

Personally I've never smoked or utilized any illegal substances and if they were legal wouldn't alter my decisions on the matter.
From my perspective though, looking at how various substances affect the human body (I don't claim to be a doctor, but I can observe and research a bit), marijuana is essentially similar to a mix of effects that are found in "legal" tobacco products and "legal" alcohol products (marijuana certainly must have similar "smoke inhalation" effects which overtime certainly are detrimental, and marijuana certainly has mind/mood alteration effects, that are somewhat on par with the type of effects alcohol has and, depending on the individual, could possibly become an addiction. similar again to tobacco as well).
It's danger level certainly seems to be right on the same level as cigarettes + alcohol (and as far as statistics seem to indicate so far, it could certainly be argued that alcohol causes more deaths of innocent bystanders than tobacco or marijuana), I suggest marijuana should be treated with almost identical restrictions/regulations.

My key point is this:
Spice has arisen "because" of marijuana being illegal.
This means the current spice problem is basically a direct result of the fact that marijuana is illegal (a fairly simple 'cause' and 'effect' situation. if marijuana was legal there would have never been the motivation for creation of synthetic alternatives).
Logically then making spice illegal will result in the rise of something different/new, and so on and so on. (I'd also suspect that new/different substances will be found/invented/used no matter what society/government dictates about spice)

I say making these things illegal is not the correct long term solution, and I would say the usefulness as a 'band-aid' temporary solution is in actuality rather poor as well.
I'd prefer to see a solution (in regard to ALL 'substances') involving education (both public school, and also parental),
regulation, age restriction, and obviously enforce reasonable legal penalties for under-age usage as well as driving while under the influence which naturally should escalate for repeat offenders and include jail time and mandatory rehab programs as necessary.
"spice" substances then could be included within the same classification and be subject to the same restrictions, regulations, and even taxation (to pay for the prosecution of abusers, pay for rehab programs etc.)

The nation tried prohibition of alcohol, learned the lesson that it was the wrong action, and repealed it, how about we learn that same lesson with marijuana already? or do we have to be doomed to repeat a similar cycle of prohibition and later repealing (resulting in thousands of people being prosecuted in the meantime for something that likely eventually will be legal)... ?

how about we just punish those who incorrectly use things, or abuse them ? (similar to the following: punish drunk drivers, but do not punish an adult enjoying a beer or two at home then going to sleep)

go for it

Here is my problem with people trying to argue with individuals that believe that drugs are not problematic, or that since alcohol is legal so pot should be, or that it "isn't as bad as..." You are arguing with a belief system. This belief system, however flawed, will not change. Pro-drug individuals can just look to You Tube or How High for answers and assert that any messages approved by the government are brain washing. It is like complaining about the wind in Wyoming....kind of pointless. Typically, not always, but TYPICALLY individuals that are pro-drug are often people that use them, and want to defend this lifestyle. For them, I say grow your own. Don't sell it to anyone. Don't buy from anyone else. Don't drive when high. Oh, and don't ask for any reduced fee medical care that I have to help pay for when you have ill health that could likely be traced back to your use of a mood altering substance on your body. The other individuals that love to complain about the government, well that is a different story all together. They often fight for the fight itself, which we know is good in this country and needed. It sounds like there are a few people that use this web site to let us know the more extreme beliefs that they have. Again, just postulating here, but these individuals that talk of Kool-Aid government and targeting individuals, have other conspiracy theories rolling around in his or her heads.
So wyo1234 I applaud your attempt to stand up for what you know to be right based on your education and ACTUAL experience. (I have an idea of who you are) I just think you are in a losing battle. God bless the extremists in any is what makes the world go around. By the way, those that claim laws always equate to socialism....probably need to do some more reading and actual dialogue with other humans....and leave the internet alone for a bit.


This is about money and control. Not protecting anybody. Stop blaming the drugs and put the issue on the real problem: PEOPLE. This should be based on the same concept that drugs (illegal or legal) are not bad, people are bad. Guns do not kill, people kill!

Almost everybody I know including youth have a debit card or credit card and they can buy spice on line. I wonder, is spice as bad as alcohol? Should we also ban nutmeg? Crazy

Did you know that the ATF thinks that marijuana is worse for you then coke or meth? Yes Arizona just legalized it for medical use! Yet the feds classify cannabis as a schedule 1 drug along with heroin and LSD. There has not been one documented case of a person that has OD on marijuana.

You crash a car while under the influence of any substance is illegal. There are already consequences under the law. Lets enforce the laws we have and stop adding more to the confusion. Part of the problem or part of the solution. This is one of many problems that the process of natural selection and survival of the fittest will eventually resolve. I do not partake of the weed or spice but do imbibe as needed. Legally and of unsound mind. Indeed. One other thing: How do we protect our kids from this evil spice? Teach them your values as a parent and hope for the best. It all begins at home!!!!!

You are entitled to your

You are entitled to your opinion, as misconceived as it may be. This is absolutely about protection. You are right that the bottom line is that this is about people. If people didn't need or want to do drugs, there wouldn't be in. As long as their is a demand, their will be drugs available.

However, taking care of the problems that lead to drug and alcohol abuse are difficult. Especially when you take the position that the government needs to stay out of people's business. To be proactive and "fix" these problems, that means the government would be in more homes telling people how to raise their children.

The ATF doesn't deal with drugs, the DEA does, and they consider hard drugs more of a threat than marijuana.

You want to know how people die on marijuana? Let me tell you. Heard about college kids who die from alcohol poisoning? Guess how that happens? They typically were smoking marijuana which contributes to their death. When you drink too much, your body's reaction is to purge the alcohol by vomiting. Marijuana is heralded for helping cancer patients with nausea. So college kids smoke pot, drink tons of booze, and the marijuana prevents them from throwing up. They then die from alcohol intoxication.

Ideally, this stuff would be taught at home. But most parents don't teach it and it cannot be forced upon the parents.

People who want drugs legalized are under the false presumption that these people only hurt themselves. Wrong. They commit property crimes, don't work, use welfare, it effects their families and/or children and I can go on on. Substance abuse is not victimless.

I am with you on this

I am with you on this wyo1234. I work in the substance abuse field as well. When these subjects come up it amazes me how uneducated about addiction people are. Most people havent heard the stories from actual addicts or from their families. They just have the attitude of "why dont they just stop" or "its their fault, they made the choice". Education on addiction I think would help.

Your last paragraph is so true.

System does not work

Solutions. I am sure you people have better and more sound solutions to the issue at hand. Pretty extreme point of view to believe that we should add more laws to an already dysfunctional system. Everybody can be taught. To say otherwise is pretty crazy.

A deterent to say the least. Laws and more law just push the issue into the underground and make the subject even more negative. Have we not learned this yet?

The same actions get the same results. If your results are negative then change your actions. Simple. Right?

Of course its the people

Of course its the people that take it to the extreme and make the substance bad. Thats the no brainer. However, we have people in society that do not know how to regulate themselves so thats when the law comes in because the people dont know how to be careful or dont care to. Its the irresponsible people that take things to the extreme that we have to help regulate in order to protect society.

It starts at home? True, however what happens when the home life is unhealthy? Yeah, this happens more often then not. Unfortunately we live in a society that turns their heads to that kind of situation so they dont have to deal with it or realize it. I think that the recent murders that occurred here in Sheridan should illustrate that for you. How were their home lives? Yeah, not so good. How do we expect parents who cant even be responsible for themselves to raise responsible adults? That is when the laws, state, schools,and neighbors have to take on that burden. And unfortunately its not as easy as it sounds.

Government Coolaid

As the dillio would say "Be careful on how much of that government coolaid you drink" or a facsimile therof.

The people that do not regulate themselves are the minority. Maybe 3 to 7 percent. That would mean the majority of the people can actually protect and police themselves without federal, state, or city interference. That is if each citizen takes total responsibility for their own actions. I do not need Big Brother, do you?

My home life was horrific, yet I do not murder, rape, etc. I am not a drug user because my parents were. I do know right from wrong and do make a choice and deal with the consequences. I am not an exception to the rule, I am a person of free will as I hope we all are.

The laws, the state, the school, the neighbors? Therein lies the problem. Very corrupt systems that obviously do not work. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of a few. Why change the laws or add laws for all due to the actions of a few? Impose more laws on the majority? seems odd to me.

No brainer! We are all responsible for ourselves and our offspring until they have their own moral compass. Then they are on their own. How can we not expect that? You are correct, Big Brother is too big for his britches. Time to bring him down a couple of notches.......
. It is that easy. Just take responsiblity, is that so hard to do?

oh boy, very naive. Yes, it

oh boy, very naive. Yes, it is the responsibility of others to be responsible for themselves......however some dont. Some people are not as fortunate as you to have worked through their horrific child hoods or have found their own morals and ethics along the way to help them be more responsible for themselves. In a perfect world, yes, we would all follow the rules and be good boys and girls. But that is not how it is. Have you looked at the police reports lately? Do you know what crimes are being committed and why? Are there substances involved? Have you gone to the local treatment facilities, homeless shelter, Drug Courts, or juvenile homes to see how their 'responsible' thinking and actions have paid off? Do you know their stories?

The point is that we can not argue that people should be responsible for themselves, because we know that answer. We have to look at what to do with the ones that arent. We have to look at it as to protecting society.

Maybe some day people will

Maybe some day people will wake up and see the REAL drug... The real drug IS government KoolAid... How many people are addicted to that drug and are so deep in denial they can't see their hand in front of their face? How much does that addiction cost the community? Let's start a war on that drug of choice...

Just saying......

The people who don't

The people who don't regulate themselves are indeed a minority. However, the number is still quite a bit more then you suggest. I'd say closer to 15-20%.

Not knowing what your home life was like, you should be commended for coming out well out of whatever tough circumstances you endured. Everyone is not so fortunate.

You bring up another common misconception that we all have a choice in our actions. That is true only to a certain extent.

The experiences from our past make us who we are. If a kid grows up watching his parents get drunk and hit each other, he is going to grow up learning that this is how you deal with problems or conflicts.

At some point in life, that kid is going to grow up and be presented with the opportunity to make the same choice his parents had. Which one will he chose? He could go either way. However, his past experience makes it more likely he will do what his parents did. He doesn't have to but it is more likely.

So you think that around

So you think that around 6000 people in Sheridan are mindless people who don't have enough morals to police themselves? Do you even know the population of Sheridan? I love people who try to pull numbers out of thin air... Do the math on your 15 to 20 %.... I see a lot of opinion in your post that you try to pass off as fact in order to instill fear so that others may possibly buy into your point of view... The sad fact is, most people who are to lazy to think about what you said are the same ones who will follow you off of your cliff.....


I would have to agree. The percentages are way off. I did post earlier on this subject with a few links to verify information on drug stats, etc and do hope it gets posted. It was full of information about the subject. I found the earlier post. Read below.

Fact without documentation is great for rhetoric or propaganda purposes. Hopefully these posts will spark people's curiosity and they will want to learn about the subject matter and take a journey to educate themselves. What a great solution to all issues EDUCATION

DRUGS are not problematic. People are.

I personally have a lifetime of experience with drug users and abusers. I have even been to jail a few times and my very close relatives have died from drugs. My earlist memories were watching my parents smoke hash, I think I was around 3 years of age. The tracks on my brother arms were very scary. I wonder if I am properly educated? I do not do any illegal drugs nor do I plan to. My choice, my responsibility.

You want documentation and stats? here you go. This is post for you information junkies.

To impose more laws on the majority is about money. The more laws, the more likely they will be broken which in turn supplies more money to the state or government. Business 101. Maybe ill-conceived notions I have? Supply and demand indeed. I do not need the city, state, or government protection from recreational users of spice or any other natural herb users.

Currently there has not been legitimate documentation of how many people
have died or ODed on marijuana. A combination of drugs legal or illegal mixed with alcohol is a sure recipe for disaster. Medical use of marijuana for cancer patients was very specific and used as a appetite stimulate. 44% of a test group of cancer patients were relieved of nausea symptoms caused by the chemo therapy. I am not an expert in these areas but I like to educate myself as needed.

A source of information provided by the CDC would seem fairly reliable. This is for 2007 so there could be percentage increase or decrease of 2 or 3 points. Drug abuse and use stats can also be gathered by state. Marijuana use for State of Wyoming in the last month 5.7%

The CIA, FBI, DCI, ATF and the DEA all deal with drugs directly or indirectly but the DEA more so. Marijuana is actually considered a hard drug. This is the short list. You can check out the complete list

Schedule I,
n a category of drugs not considered legitimate for medical use. Included are heroin, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), and marijuana.

Schedule II,
n a category of drugs considered to have a strong potential for abuse or addiction but that also have legitimate medical use. Included are opium, morphine, and cocaine.

Schedule III,
n a category of drugs that have less potential for abuse or addiction than Schedule I or II drugs and have a useful medical purpose. Included are short-acting barbiturates and amphetamines.

Schedule IV,
n a medically useful category of drugs that have less potential for abuse or addiction than those of Schedules I, II, and III. Included are diazepam and chloral hydrate.

Schedule V,
n a medically useful category of drugs that have less potential for abuse or addiction than those of Schedules I through IV. Included are antidiarrheals and antitussives with opioid derivatives

In an ideal world we could blame everything and everybody for our negative behavior. In the real world responsibility is up to the individual, no excuses, no blame. Just because morals are not taught in the home environment does not mean the responsibility should be pawned off to the state or government. You may call naive I call reality. It really is not that hard of a concept to grasp. Yes we could teach people to blame thier childhood or we could teach someone to educate themselves and then make choices that have eternal significance.

The legalization for any drug that can benefit mankind has my support. Of course there will be abuse and victims. As a society of idealistic humans that is what we do. Maybe I'm too drunk on government Kool-Aid and too many conspiracy theories in my head. Or just maybe I am informed as we all should be. Maybe I am a crazy radical that thinks people need to take responsiblity for their choices. Maybe I am just expecting too much of the human race? I dont think so.

Damian, we get that you

Damian, we get that you think that people should be accountable for themselves. But the fact is there are some that are not. So how do you propose we deal with those? Who holds them accountable.....since that is what the point of having laws is.

Real Solutions

Only logical way to deal with this is by educating. In the beginning this would actually have to be an assault. Radio, television, internet all media would have to be saturated with material that reinforces positive behavior. At the same time we would also train educators in behavior modification techniques and concepts for troubled youth or people in general. The minority (especially school age) who need assistance in being accountable can be taught with behavior modification.

Of course the change we seek would not happen overnight, but it would be a start. Consider it an alternative to adding more laws.

I taught a few business classes at UW. I would target and isolate the worse students and change the way I taught and they actually became the best students without sacrificing the education of the others. Of course this is alot of work but it is worth it. This same concept can be applied across the board. Even if the person is resistant to learning or change. You just adapt a learning program to their style.

I would rather see the state or government use our money to educate then to deter by laws and punishment. I really do not think that is too radical. The majority of people that go to jail or are punished by the system actually come out more defiant then when went in, so that system does not seem to work. Maybe it is time to try something else.

Education is definately

Education is definately good. I think that education on addiction and gate-way drugs are also very important. We also have to remember that there will always be those people that think its cool to go against the rules. My point is that the solution is not and easy one. We have to be open minded when it comes to this type of suject.

Do you know the actual

Do you know the actual numbers? As I have posted before....have you gone to the jails, treatment facilities, probations offices, etc to see what the number actually is? My guess, is probably not. From your posts I have noticed alot of 'opinion' myself.

Just saying....

A. I have ten years

A. I have ten years experience dealing with people who have substance abuse issues. I'm regarded as someewhat of an expert on substance abuse issues. My statements are based on actual experience and research. They aren't pulled out of my hind end. So instead of criticizing my experience, please feel free to bring something to the table based on more then just assumptions.

B. 15 to 20% of Sheridan doesn't equal 6,000. If our population is 16,000, that would amount to 3,200 using the high number. Your number was a guess. My number was a guess. At your 3%, there would be 480 people. There are more than 480 people on probation right now in this town. Maybe the number is in the middle of our guesses. Who knows. I do know your numbers are low.

In 2008 the population of

In 2008 the population of Sheridan County was 28,662, I adjusted for growth... I still think your numbers are off.

Population Facts

As of July 2009 the population of Sheridan county was 17,461.
Thats 8,399 males, and 9,062 females. 20% of that in 3,492

Just saying...

Not according to the US

Not according to the US Census Bureau... July 2008 maybe people packed up and went home lol...

Look up the stats

You can look up stats for substance abuse by state or as a nation. They all fall within the same range. 4 to 12 percent. For the State of Wyoming 7.1%

I did an earlier post with links to the information you request. Hopefully it will get posted. Otherwise you all can have a looksy for yourself. The information is there. Iam not an expert but have researched on my own, as we all should.

On another note, I am not the exception to the rule but live as though I have free will and hope others can do the same. No excuses. It is pretty simple. Take responsiblity for yourself. EZ man. We all can do this. Cant is not part of my vocabulary, is it yours?


Key word kids, Which is just going to make them go out on winter roads looking for what they can't have. After 30 Plus years of a FAILED war on drugs, have we learned nothing? It will never work! If they want it they will find it! As far as sending people to the emergency room, I call bullcxxp! Just another excuse to put a negative light on something no one knows anything about. It all comes down to CONTROLLING! We loose more and more of our FREEDOM everyday!

The sad thing is no one

The sad thing is no one wants to talk about the cost on a failed war on drugs... I want a war on the part of a community who pawn their moral responsibility off on government... How about we do that... How about we target the socialists who think it's right to think for the people who can't think for themselves... I want to target those who don't understand the current attack on the middle class... It's stupid issues like this that take our focus off of the REAL issues of America... This is the real agenda of topics like this.... why not target the banks that would steal your money? Why not target the politition who would pass laws to protect the people who would prey on your hard earned cash? WAKE UP. !!!!!!!!!

make it illegal!

People think that this isn't a problem, but what you don't understand is how these kids (younger kids who also get older ones to purchase it for them) are starting to get addicted to this stuff and how they are using it instead of marijuana to get their highs...because it's completely legal as of yet, these kids won't get into trouble and yet they drive high on this stuff (as do adults) and their just as impaired if not worse than if they were high on weed!! I was told by some of the youth in our community that it's an easy way to get high but they can't be arrested or given drug court for it because it's a legal high....this out of the mouth of 3 17 yr olds I know... They think it's great that they can get the drug feeling of being high without having the cops breathing down their necks. Something needs to be done about this...forget just taking it off the shelves...make it illegal!

J. S. Luckjohn

How about......

How about we make parents who can't police their own kids illegal ? I think that might be a more simple solution... You base you opinion on what "some youth in the community" tell you? Did you think to ask where the parents were in this equation? Passing laws is NOT the answer.... In what world is it right to mask the real issue... Does pawning off the issue to the government make you feel like you've done your part? Shame on you.... Law enforcement is not the answer to the issue you point at in your argument... so let me get this straight, your argument targets youth, and at the same time would infringe on my rights as a middle life man... This is no different when they targeted kids who were buying cans of whip cream for whippets ... Now when I'm sick and have to get sudiphed I need to show ID and sighn a piece of paper, for an over the counter medicine.. All of this because people who would do wrong infringed upon the rights of the people who just want to get by in life... I'm sick of people who pawn responsibility off on government not understanding the long term cost...

So what is the solution? If

So what is the solution? If the solution is at home and parents do not teach their kids right and wrong or don't care what their kids are doing...then what? What is YOUR solution?


Education is the only viable solution. People will continue in ignorance until they are taught otherwise. Who are the educators? We all are. Who needs to be educated? We all do. Education.

First lesson of the solution:

1. Take responsibility for your actions. Do not blame others for what you do.

Do we really need Big Brother or could we do this ourselves?

Education is awesome.

Education is awesome. Unfortunately, people have to be receptive to new things. I'm trying to educate a few people on here and it doesn't appear to be going too well. :)

But what happens when education fails. You cannot force everyone to educate themselves. You cannot force everyone to accept what they are being taught.

Then what? We still have users. We still have drugs, Still have no solution.


This is the same concept as bringing a horse to the water. You cant force them to drink, but they sure will drink the water when they get thirsty.

So lets find a way that makes people want to learn and want to change. Incentives and rewards. Make people thirst and hunger for education. Provide alternatives and support.

How do we do this? Behavior modification. Everybody can be taught or retaught. If a person learns differently then teach differently.

These users and abusers are the minority. People make drugs, drugs do not make people. So both will be around until the end.

Parents who do not tend

Parents who do not tend their kids have nothing to lose... If your kid does wrong why should my tax dollars go to social services to correct that issue... My solution is drive these people from the community... Don't say it can't be done, because I'm watching it happen for the communities who make the choice to drive illegal immigrants from their now over run communities. Find ways to NOT support these families, and they will simply go elsewhere for social support. The answer is not coming up with new laws to restrict ill behavior ...

So, let me get this

So, let me get this straight. You are tired of people intruding in our lives and take the stance that people should be left alone. Stop passing new drug laws.

So to rectify the problem, if parents wont teach their kids to not do drugs, we shall force them to leave town.

Is this a joke? So you want to preserve YOUR freedom and liberty by trampling on anothers. Makes perfect sense to me.

So let me get this straight,

So let me get this straight, you would hold the criminal elements rights in higher regards to your own? As it now stands if you become a felon, do you not to some degree already lose a fair amount of your rights? If you commit a crime, being sent on your way would be the easy way out....

Aren't they fighting a

Aren't they fighting a never-ending battle? As soon as they ban one chemical, it seems there are several new ones to replace it. Herbal Incense claims to have stuff that is legal in every single state. Are they going to keep banning these substances as they come up? That's going to be costly and as you can see, not so effective.


I see in the news that this stuff is sending kids to the Emergency Room. I see absolutely no problems with banning it but I do see obvious problems with it being left legal.

Instead of the news you

Instead of the news you should reserch your own information. I suppose you belive music, movies, and video games are the cause for teenage violence nowdays because that is what the news portrays. There is plenty of legal things you can take that will send you to the emergency room. Try eating a pound of twizlers tonight and see how you feel. If you make it illegal you are just going to make it more demandable to the younger crowd. Say " You can't have", and guess what they are going to want? Everybody here as adults should know that! Im a parent with three kids. I would rather educate my kids, than have others raise them for me! Take resonsibility for your kids, your actions, and everything will be fine. Watch your kids with alcohol, there is more danger in that then synthetic marijiana, or the real deal.

Maybe you should research

Maybe you should research why exactly this substance sent kids to the ER. Have you experienced it for yourself? The drug war is a never ending battle because of the people out there that say that cocaine and heroin are bad but alcohol and weed are good. Unfortunately there are alot of people out there that take all these substances to the extreme which then can lead to crimes, medical problems, addiction, or even death.this of course is the extreme side of this, but it exists. So now we have to try and force the idea of not doing drugs or the idea of moderation when it comes to drinking. Its like the "one bad apple spoils it for the rest" idea. You are right, if people or kids want to find drugs, they will. But if the substance is illegal then there can be consequences for their use which in hopes then becomes a deterent.

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