“Military Funerals Have Become Pagan Orgies...” Group Coming to Sheridan

“Military Funerals Have Become Pagan Orgies...” Group Coming to Sheridan

“God hates America and is Killing our Troops in His Wrath.” Or, at least according to the Westboro Baptist Church members, who are expected to make an appearance in Sheridan Thursday. Their plan is to protest the funeral of Private Jesse Cerwick at Holy Name Catholic Church. Sheridan Media's Betsy Love has the details in this editorial piece.

Protesting at military funerals with slogans like, “God hates fags,” “Jews Killed Jesus,” and “Beast Obama” is the modus operandi for this self-proclaimed “Primitive Baptist” church.

However, they have been making the rounds across the country, including one in 1988 1998, where they picketed at the funeral of Wyoming's Matthew Shepard. Recently, the group planned to picket during the memorial of 9-year-old Christina Green, a victim in the Tucson shooting.

Now, a media release was sent out that members of the Westboro Baptist Church are coming to Sheridan this Thursday morning. I tried reaching the Westboro Baptist Church in order to confirm the media release which was sent out...unfortunately, only a machine was available to answer my questions:

So, if you are a Buddhist, a Marine, seeking an interview, a “so-called Christian,” a Hindu, a preacher, a gay-rights activist, a military mom, a Jew, etc. etc. etc., we have the number for the Westboro Baptist Church at Sheridanmedia.com,...just remember:

Bringing you further proof that insanity and egregious disrespect has no limits, for Sheridan Media dot com news, this is Betsy Love reporting.

phone: 785-273-0325
email: pio@godhatesamerica.com


We will bring further news to confirm the group's plan to protest Private Cerwick's funeral.

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