“Feed the Deer Spice”

Photo by Deer Run Graphics
Photo by Deer Run Graphics

“Feed the deer spice” was one facetious remark from an attendee at Sheridan City Council's meeting Monday night. The comment was referring to two of the big issues on the table at the meeting. One had to do with controlling the growing deer population within Sheridan city limits. While a number of folks spoke in support of an proposed ordinance dubbed the “deer reduction plan,” John Fafoutakis was not one of them:

The proposed deer reduction plan would make it “illegal to provide supplemental feed to wild animals and fowl,” with a $45 fine for the first offense and a $90 fine for the second offense within a year period. The ordinance would also continue and increase the bow hunting program, and also allow designated “snipers” to “lethally remove deer.” These deer would be given to food donation entities, though the city would pay for the processing and testing of the meat. Another resident spoke against using tax dollars for this program. However, many other residents were strongly in favor of the “deer reduction plan,” saying deer had ruined their landscaping. It was also brought up that car accidents due to the increased deer population costs more than it would for processing the deer meat for donation. It was reported that in 2009, there were 41 car commissions within Sheridan city limits, and that it would cost approximately $100 to process “harvested” deer.

The “Deer Reduction Action Plan” passed on first reading. The Council also unanimously voted “yay” on the first reading for an ordinance that would ban a currently legal drug called “spice.” Because “spice,” which is essentially a synthetic form of marijuana, reportedly causes side effects such as “extreme anxiety and seizures,” and has also resulted in local hospitalizations, someone suggested a better way to control the deer population would be to give them “spice.”

The Council, however, did not consider this proposal.

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Deer Problem

Most of what I said was "tongue and cheek". But the leash law was instituted in the late 1970's and it was mainly due to dogs getting into trash. At that time we had small metal trash cans. (That was the main issue at the time) Regarding the poop, you're not being honest with yourself. Sheridan didn't have leash laws and I remember the controversy when they instituted the leash law. It is a split between those who love the deer and those that don't. I made a point that you verified... there is no solution. My solution may by unacceptable but it was a real solution, yours was the theory... if we're serious about getting rid of the deer. And your exaggeration of the point didn't make a point. Some people aren't going to allow deer being killed in their neighborhoods. That's a reality. People don't want dogs running lose and that's a reality. So give the Sheridan residents a couple of options and then... everyone shut up. And... get used to the deer! (I used to have a lot of deer in my yard but now I have a dog!)

"All truth passes through three stages:
-First, it is ridiculed;
-Second, it is violently opposed; and
-Third, it is accepted as self-evident."
- Arthur Schopenhauer

Deer Problem

If the residents of Sheridan are really serious about getting rid of the deer then lift the "Leash Law" for dogs.
The deer problem originated when the Leash Law was instituted. It doesn't need to be permanent. Set aside two months a year of "Doggy Freedom" and the deer will disappear. (And plus... it will free up the conscious of those owners who sit there and acknowledge their dog "pooping" on my lawn and leaving without cleaning up. During the "Freedom" period all owners can claim ignorance to the poops)

Great Idea!

Lift the leash laws?!?!? Really! So instead of having herds of deer running around crapping everywhere and eating everything, let dogs run free to crap everywhere and get into everything. Not to mention having them running out into traffic to get hit by cars as well. I guess they could chase the deer in to traffic and we could wipe out both species, right? The fix to the deer problem is to have morons quit treating them like pets and treat them like wild animals. The next step would be to initiate a half or full year, in-town deer season. That way the game and fish could manage the project better by giving more opportunities to hunters to harvest deer. Hunting is the only way to manage a species other than bringing in predators. Oh, but maybe bringing coyotes, wolves, and bears would fix the problem better.......



Nah, they already tried bears, the deer won, the bear got shot.


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