Lost Items

Small Black Dog

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Small black dog. Small white on chest and tips of toes and nose. Lost by Mountain Shadows Development

Call: 336-453-8915

4 Year Old Fox Hound

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i was visiting my daughter in sheridan, woodland trailer park and my 4 yr old fox hound got lost. he has a collar with name Prairie and two phone numbers that are not current. i had to leave town without my dog, breaks my heart. if anyone has seen or found my Prairie please call Hope at 307-267-4651 or 307-437-6716

Huge Golden Cat

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Huge golden cat. We are watching our son's cat and he got out the door before we could stop him. Happened around 8AM Wed Oct 31. Area of police station.

Call: 307-672-2074

Found Items

Two Keys on Black Cloth Loop

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I found two keys on a black cloth loop on the east side of Little Goose Creek, at the end of Water Street, close to the railroad and just off Sheridan Avenue. They are small keys, maybe for a padlock, locker or even suitcase.

Call: 307-674-5984

Two Small Hunting Knives

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Two small hunting knives, one a skinner, the other, you tell me. Found on Water Street over a week ago.

Call: 307-674-5984

Key on Black Ribbon

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One key on a black ribbon

Call: 307-672-7829 leave message

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