Lost Items

iPhone 4 in Blue Case

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iPhone 4 in blue case in Bighorn mountains somewhere up Red Grade Road. Please call 751-1238 if found. I have important pictures of family and my beloved dogs on it that I would like to retrieve.

Call: 307-751-1238

Amethyst Ring

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Amethyst ring in white gold setting in Kendrick park by the bathrooms, tables on the grass or handicap parking area by the turn-a-round. Simple ring. Not overly valuable, but heirloom and being used a wedding ring. Thanks in advance.

Call: 307-752-8419

Found Items

Small black & tan dog

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Found small black & tan dog at 63 Maverick drive.

Call: 307-751-6596

Two Cowboy Hats

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2 cowboy hats found by the Sheridan Inn.
Owner will need to describe them to claim.

Call: 307-763-1570

Lost and Found

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