Open House Party

Open House Party

Airs 5p-10p Saturday & Sunday

If you're new to us, Open House Party is a huge radio show which airs every Saturday and Sunday night on hit radio stations across North America. It is and always has been totally listener interactive and is transmitted live via satellite from the host Kannon.

Virtually every major star in the world has been on Open House Party, from Ke$ha and Lady Gaga to Eminem and Rihanna. Most artists love coming by live on a Saturday or Sunday night to party, due to our loosey goosey real party atmosphere. Open House Party has broadcast from some of the biggest social events in America, including Mardi Gras from New Orleans, Summerfest from Milwaukee, Winter Music Conference in Miami Beach, and the two last Woodstocks.

Open House Party music is totally driven by the listeners. All music played is 100% by listener requests, which keeps Open House Party tuned in to what our core listeners actually want to hear on the weekend, rather than by CD sales, spin, or “callout” research. This enables Open House Party to spot hot new hits first, to identify which songs are really the most popular.

Thanks to you and the rest of our listeners who have truly made Open House “the biggest party on the planet!"