Representative Jack Landon is down with the rest of the State Legislators in Cheyenne working in this General Session. Landon is on the Labor, Health, and Social Services Committee; one bill they are working on is to make changes in the Worker's Compensation Act. Landon says some of the changes include increasing the benefits for families of a worker killed on the job or for anyone totally disabled on the job. Other changes include helping workers through the system, and giving employers a credit for paying the benefits to workers if the program becomes under-funded. Another bill Landon has been working with is the Statewide Smoking Ban. The bill passed out of Committee 5-4, but Landon explains it wasn't the original bill. Landon says he still has some problems with the bill, because smokers should still have some place other than bars in which to have a cigarette. Landon also confirmed that the bill to rename the Story Fish Hatchery to honor Malcolm Wallop has been pulled.