Improving reception of our new FM stations.

Sheridan Media's two newest radio stations are available via low power analog translators. Magic95.9 and Oldies105.9 run at much lower power levels than our other FM stations. While you may not notice the difference in your vehicle, reception of these stations can be difficult in certain types of buildings.

To improve reception of these stations indoors, try using a radio that accepts an external FM antenna. These connections are typically a “Type F” coax connector (the same as a cable TV connection) or a two-wire plug. Reception can be dramatically better when a T-shaped dipole FM antenna is connected to this port. With a dipole antenna connected, experiment with different orientations and locations for the antenna until you find the best spot. Usually, the best reception is obtained with the antenna in a window in a flat T-shape, but sometimes other shapes or locations will work better.

Another option to consider is upgrading to an HD Radio receiver. Both Magic95.9 and Oldies105.9 are analog translators of HD Radio stations. Magic95.9 is available on 104.9 HD-2 and Oldies105.9 is available on 94.9 HD-2. These HD Radio broadcasts have 3 to 4 times more power than the analog translators, which may make a considerable difference to reception in your location. In addition, the HD Radio versions have cleaner sound, and an HD Radio will also allow you to tune in ESPN Radio (97.3 HD-2) and Air America (93.7 HD-3).

Keep in mind that the HD Radio broadcasts are still low powered compared to the analog broadcasts of 93.7, 94.9 and 104.9. Therefore, if reception of these three FM stations is noisy where you are, chances are that HD Radio will not work in your location. However, if you can receive these three FM stations fine while reception of 95.9 or 105.9 is sketchy, then HD Radio has a good chance of working for you.


I realize that Mr. Sisson posted this story several months ago, but maybe someone might see my question and have an answer for me.
Why does AM 930 KROE (and most AM stations) power down after 10 pm??? It is so frustrating. I work several miles out of town and half of the month I am on night shifts; I love to listen to the talk shows that are on this station. But as soon as 10:00 hits there is too much static to hear anything! Even right here in town that station isn't great after 10. What gives??? New website is great!

AM power down

The short answer is that AM signals travel farther at night, so the FCC requires most AM stations to power down to avoid interference with distant stations. I have posted a more in depth explanation as this week's commentary at the bottom of the main page.


Congratulations anonymous - let me know how that works for you when a tornado or severe thunderstorm warning comes across. Or when someone is the community is trying to get out an urgent message about a missing child, dangerous situation or anything else. Not sure why you posted this comment on this particular story but congratulations on your xm. As for me - I'll keep my money and enjoy the local programming. Love the new website!!


I have added XM to my home and truck so I don't listen to any local fm stations. I do listen to KROE in the morning.