New weekend Lineup on KROE

Starting the weekend of March 6th/7th, there are some revisions to Newstalk 930 KROE's weekend lineup. We are adding two new programs and moving some others around.

Neal Boortz is moving from Sunday to Saturday, and two new programs - Medical Edge Weekend and The Phil Hendrie Show - are being added to the Sunday lineup.

Here is the new weekend lineup on KROE:


Spring Sun Outages

We are currently entering our spring "sun outage" period, which will affect some of the afternoon and evening programming on KROE as well as our ESPN Radio station, KYTI HD-2. Sun outages affect satellite-delivered programs twice a year (spring and fall) as the sun's arc moves across the area in the sky at which our satellite dishes are aimed.

Fall Sun Outage Season

As fall weather arrives, we are heading into a “sun outage” period, with outages predicted during the second week in October. A sun outage is a phenomenon that affects geostationary satellite systems in the spring and fall, when the sun's apparent path in the sky is moving higher or lower.

AM Powerdown explained

A comment was posted on our site recently asking why reception of KROE is worse after 10 PM than it is during the day. I thought the explanation for this might be interesting to other listeners as well so I am posting it as a commentary for this week. The listener who posted the comment noted that most AM stations reduce power at night, but they weren't sure about the reason for this.

Public comment sessions

This video contains some entertaining moments from Santa Cruz, CA city council public comment sessions.

After watching these I have come to the conclusion that if you are going to appear before your local city council, it may not be the best idea to take drugs that day. Either that or Santa Cruz needs to make education a higher priority.

You know you're an aging radio DJ when...

I found this on the internet. You know you're an aging DJ when:

You excitedly turn the radio up at the sound of "dead air" on the competitor's station.

Sales guys wore Old Spice to cover the smell of liquor.

You were playing Elvis' number one hits when he was alive.

You worked for only ONE station, and you could name the guy who owned it.

Space Station sightings over Sheridan this week

Sheridan residents currently have several opportunities to see one of the unique technological achievements of this century with their own eyes. Every evening this week, weather permitting, if you look to the sky you should be able to see the International Space Station (ISS) fly overhead. The ISS is by far the largest man-made satellite in orbit.

How to change your password

We recently modified the account registration process to make it easier to change your password. If you registered with the site prior to this change and are using the computer-generated password, here is how to change it:

1 - If you are currently logged in, log out by clicking the link at the top right.

2 - Click the Login/Register link

3 - Click the "Request new password" link

Notes on the new site layout

As you have probably noticed, our website has undergone a major overhaul. We have built a completely new layout with a new engine running the site. The menu structure has changed so be sure to look through the menus if you can't find what you need. We have also provided a list of site links at the bottom of each page.

Improving reception of our new FM stations.

Sheridan Media's two newest radio stations are available via low power analog translators. Magic95.9 and Oldies105.9 run at much lower power levels than our other FM stations. While you may not notice the difference in your vehicle, reception of these stations can be difficult in certain types of buildings.