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This image shows Sandhill Crane color variation. They have mostly grayish feathers. Although the feathers are gray, sometimes they can have a reddish-brown appearance. The reason for the change in color is that the Sandhill Cranes preen themselves by rubbing mud on their feathers. The mud can be brown or red. The red mud comes from iron rich environments. This picture was taken on April 1st.

This hawk was feeding on a turkey along Big Goose recently. It was a popular dinner for about a week.

Photo by Dave Barkan

Photos by Judy Hagerott

Pictures from Buffalo's annual Easter Egg Hunt in Washington Park on Saturday.

Photos by: Shirley legerski: Sheridan

Photo by Stacey Ellenwood Photography

Eagle Ridge folks bring Easter fun to Marion Day Care Center. (Photos Courtesy of Marion Day Care Center)

Taken on Monday, March 25th

Photo by: Dave Barkan

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