In an effort to diversify what they offer, the Sheridan County YMCA Youth Art Program has added some new mediums over the past school year. Y Arts Coordinator Tyler Rogers said that they are focused on providing the with community what they want.

The phrase good intentions don’t necessarily lead to good things is especially true when speaking on the topic of juvenile wildlife.

This year, Sheridan County 4-H gave out three scholarships to active 4-H seniors within our community. Members who work hard throughout their 4-H Careers and participate in various club, county and state activities are awarded scholarships.

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Traffic Fatality

RITZVILLE, Wash. (AP) — A mother was killed after her son fell asleep at the wheel along U.S. Highway 395 in Adams County.

The Parade of Veterans to the Veterans Memorial began at 9 o'clock where the VFW Auxiliary dedicated a wreath, and proceeded to the Clear Creek Bridge on Main Street for the Navy Mother's Ceremony.

The remainder of the ceremonies were performed at Willow Grove Cemetery.

Teten and Pearson said the weather cooperated for the most part and the weekend overall was pleasant, but attendance was down at least initially they thought, although numbers won't be available until after the club finalizes everything for the derby's 34th year.

Officer Keeler explained what the program is and what it

The officers took 92 fifth-graders from Buffalo and Kaycee, along with 20 chaperons to the fun weekend in Rapid City.

Now here's Sheridan Media's look back in time, to 100 years ago, by reporter Pat Blair as published in the Sheridan Enterprise newspaper on May 30, 1917.

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