The City of Buffalo and Johnson County have set the days for their joint annual Free Landfill Days for this year, from May 17th through the 20th.

The Board of Trustees for the Johnson County Healthcare Center will decide on when they will have their upcoming budget meetings, the public hearing on the budget and when they will finalize and officially adopt the budget during their next regular board meeting later this month.

Sheridan County teachers and staff, students and Sheridan High School were formally recognized for their accomplishments Monday night during the district board of trustees' monthly meeting.

Ryan Mulholland, who's chairman of the Sheridan County Republican party, has recently been elected chairman of the state Republican organization.

The National Weather Service in Billings has issued a flood advisory for Sheridan County through 12:15 pm Wednesday.

The 22nd Annual Project Graduation will take place on graduation night. According to Marcia(Marsha) Harper, the event is intended to keep the newly graduated Sheridan High Schoolers safe on a high risk night.

Ankur Gopal, owner of INTERAPT, a Kentucky-based technology company exploring the possibility of expanding into Buffalo, spoke to local news outlets last week and discussed why he is interested in Buffalo and Johnson County as possible expansion sites.

Johnson County's Commissioners have awarded scholarships to seniors in Buffalo and Kaycee to use to help pay for their college educations.

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