Johnson County

'Barefoot In The Park' Performances Next Week

Creekside Performing Arts will present their performances of the Neil Simon play “Barefoot In The Park” next week at the Buffalo High School Auditorium.

County Tables Elevator Maintenance Agreement

Johnson County's Commissioners, on the recommendation of Civil Deputy County Attorney Barry Crago, tabled action on an elevator maintenance agreement to give Crago an opportunity to clarify and change some parts of the agreement before the county enters into it.

Plan Now For Blood Draws For Upcoming Health Fair

The 2018 Johnson County Health Fair is scheduled for mid-March, but those interested in participating need to plan now for the blood draws needed for the screenings.

Future for Air Service Looks Exciting

Shawn Parker sees exciting potentials ahead for air service in Sheridan in 2018.

Ice Melt and Your Pets

Ice melt is one of the most commonly used products to help make walking on sidewalks in the wintertime safe for people.

Don't Dump Christmas Trees At Prosinski Park

Buffalo Mayor Mike Johnson, during this week's city council meeting, brought up the subject of used Christmas trees being dumped at Prosinski Park by residents, which the city then has to dispose of.

How to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions

With a New Year comes personal reflection and the urge to set some new goals for the year ahead. Unfortunately, many struggle to keep their New Year’s Resolutions. Local Certified Personal Trainer Dr.

YMCA Winter Club A Big Success

Over the two weeks of K-12 Christmas Break, kids can sometimes have a hard time keeping themselves busy. That is why the Sheridan County YMCA started their Winter Club, which wrapped up Friday.

Work On A Regional Mitigation Plan Coming This Year

Johnson County, the City of Buffalo, and the Town of Kaycee will be participating in developing a Regional Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan, and the planning has already started, according to County Emergency Management Coordinator Marilyn Connolly.

Buffalo Council Approves Designations, Submits Disclosures

Buffalo's City Council, in addition to approving the recommendations for Mayor Mike Johnson's appointments, also approved designations for the newspaper and depositories for the city.

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