What is Next After Hurricanes, Fires, Floods How About Yellowstone Super-Earthquake?

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So far, 2017 has been an extraordinary year for natural disasters with three hurricanes and awful wildfires. What possibly could come next?

According to some folks, it could the big blow – the eruption of the famous Yellowstone National Park Supervolcano. Or perhaps just an earthquake?

Like the Covered Wagon Driver of Yore, We Faced Our Share of Trip Obstacles

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It seems as though whenever we find ourselves crossing the east-central and west-central parts of Wyoming by motor vehicle, I try to imagine what this trip must have been like for pioneers on the Oregon-California-Mormon Trail.

Hard to Believe, But Our State Was Once Part of Texas, Ya’ll

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Folks who love Wyoming really love the Red Desert, which spans a huge area across south west-central part of the state.

New Book Describes Why I-80 Became "Snow Chi Minh Trail"

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Back in 1978, I wrote an angry column about a stretch of Interstate 80, where I described a nightmarish drive in winter conditions.

My memories are still vivid as I recall how scary winter driving could be along that route.

Old-timers and Newcomers in the News About Cowboy State

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It’s been awhile since we wrote a little roundup of what is going on around the Cowboy State. Here goes:

• “Why are all these people dressed up like cowboys?” a tourist innocently asked Eric Olsen, who owns a western wear store in Lander.

If I Had My Life to Live Over...

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This is a serious topic. If you had your life to live over, how would you live it?

It seemed appropriate that I started to write this column on the longest day of the year – June 20, 2017. It has taken me a few months to finish it.

Eclipse Was a Time for Wingnuts, UFO Landing Sites, Phenomena

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Is it any wonder that a place as wondrous and unique as Wyoming would be the site 40 years ago for the filming of the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

Recalling My Daughter’s First Day of School

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In the last few weeks, thousands a little children in Wyoming have marched off to school. Especially for those parents of kindergartners, it is a poignant time. It sure was for me back in 1976 when our daughter Amber marched off to her first day of school.

Our State Portrayed in the Movies and TV Thanks to Taylor Sheridan

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Wyoming has been the home for four years to the hottest young movie and TV director Taylor Sheridan. And his love for our state has been shown recently in his movies and on TV.

It Was a Day That Lives Forever in the State’s Historical Lore

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It was Wyoming’s finest hour. Its finest this year. Perhaps its finest this century.

I just can’t quit writing about the big solar eclipse event that tripled and maybe quadrupled Wyoming’s population a week or so ago.

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