My Bucket List for 2019 Includes All Parts of the Cowboy State

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My wife Nancy hates one of my favorite phrases, where I talk about my “bucket list,” which lists things I want to do before I die.

She prefers the term “fun list,” and quit referring to death. Ok, ok, so it is time again to do a fun list of things in Wyoming this year. How does that sound?

Spent My Life Living in the Future; Now it is Time to Live in the Present

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One of my memories that I like to share is the distinct thought dominating my brain during my high school graduation ceremony. That thought was: “What is going to happen to me?”

Shopko Closings are Opportunities for State & Communities to Re-Build Local Retail

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Some 13 cities and towns in Wyoming are reeling after the closure of one a main local business outlet.

Outlaw Inn a Landmark in Wyoming for 54 Years

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Wyoming has many iconic hotels. The Wolf Hotel in Saratoga, the Plains in Cheyenne, the Parkway Plaza (soon to reopen with a new name) in Casper, the Noble in Lander, the Irma in Cody, the Sheridan Inn in Sheridan, and the Occidental in Buffalo.

But one of the most unique was in Rock Springs.

A Message to 2019 Grads: a World in Flux Awaits

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I have seen the future. It is just like today, only different. Oops, it changed again. Never mind.

It is truly hard to imagine the kind of world today’s Wyoming High School graduates will be experiencing during their long lives after graduation.

Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics; Here Are Cowboy State Facts

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“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”
– Mark Twain

You could always find lots of cars and trucks around my home. I am an admitted car nut and just love vehicles of all kinds.

Cowboy State Greatest Generation Members Dying Off – I Miss My Dad

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The few surviving members of the Greatest Generation from Wyoming who fought in World War II are now nearing 100 years old or even older.

State’s Greatest Murder Mystery Solved; Casper Native Writes Fantastic Book

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Some unsolvable and heinous Wyoming murders were the topic of a cover story of People Magazine a couple of years ago. They were even the topic of a biopic TV cable program that features unsolved murders.

Is RV Life the Definition of Truly ‘Living Free?’

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It seems like a constant for most people to find themselves, while driving Wyoming’s vast network of highways, being stuck behind some lumbering motorhome. While you are cussing them out, keep in mind that it just might be your old friend Bill making his way down the highway.

How Wyoming Schools are Stopping Bullying, School Shootings, and Suicide

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Earlier this year in opposite sides of Wyoming, students were overcome with emotion as they explored ways to stop school shootings, prevent bullying, and keep fellow students from committing suicide.

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