Gov. Matt and Carol Mead Have Served the State Well

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So just how good a governor are you to be ranked the number-one governor in America for popularity?

Based on the large crowd that gathered Friday, June 8 in Cheyenne, Gov. Matt Mead and First Lady Carol Mead are loved.

My Bucket List for 2018 Includes All Parts of the Cowboy State

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By definition, the term “bucket list” stands for those places you want to visit or those things you want to do before you die.

For some time now, I have been publishing my own version of this Wyoming list and have gradually been checking a few off my list.

Cheney Never Hesitated: ‘Shoot Down That Airliner’

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You could hear a pin drop as former Vice-President Dick Cheney described what it was like to be at the White House during the 9-11 crisis that occurred Sept. 11, 2001.

From Ma Bell Monopoly to Irrelevant, the Phone Company is Disappearing

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Telephone service first hit Cheyenne in the 1881. Soon lines stretched from the state capitol all the way to Evanston and north to Sheridan and all places in-between.

And for 125 years, those lines hummed with calls 24 hours a day.

A Cowboy State Tribe Value: ‘Don’t Drive by a Stranded Person’

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Perhaps the most individual of a list of Wyoming’s fundamental values I struggled to put together a few years ago was the idea that you just cannot drive by a stranded person, especially in winter.

Hey Grads, Do You Have the Gumption to Survive Your Future?

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You can’t stop what’s coming. – From the movie No Country for Old Men

This is my message for 2018 graduates – your future is coming at you at a terrific speed and there is very little you can do to get ready for it, except get an education and use your education.

In Era of School Killings, Worst Ever Could Have Been Here 32 Years Ago

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To the people involved, it was a miracle on May 16, 1986, when a Wyoming school-bombing attempt failed, sparing 154 students and teachers from dying.

2018 Governor’s Primary is Going to Be a Doozy

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My, how things can change on the statewide political scene over a few months.

The Wyoming governor race in 2018 may end up being the most interesting race in the state’s history. I hope people are paying attention. Not sure we will ever see the like of this circus again.

The Season Called ‘Sprinter’ Chilled Wyoming, Most of USA

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Both in the movie business and the book business, there is the concept of “false ending,” where you as the viewer or reader think the story is over. Not so. Later the ultimate ending arrives. Just about every movie or book uses this device.

Clear the Roads, the Geezers are Coming, the Geezers are Coming

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In Rinker Buck’s wonderful book Oregon Trail, he offers up a classic lament shared by many others when he complains:

“Who are all these geezers in their giant motorhomes that are clogging the roadways and causing the rest of us big problems!”

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