Life is Too Short When it Comes to Cosmos, Golden Dogs and a Few Thousand Good Friends

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In her own words, Leslie Blythe could see a time into the future when she would gather with a few of her girl friends, all of whom were now over 100 years old, and they would sip cocktails at 4 p.m. Her drink of choice would naturally be a Cosmopolitan.

For Economic Reasons, a State Should Avoid Being Donut Hole

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Far be it for me to refer to Wyoming as a “hole,” but that was the unique position our state held during the worst bust in its history.

Far Eastern Part of State Offers Black Hills Views

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During the past five years, we have made an effort to visit just about every city and town in Wyoming. We have given talks and been involved with other authors in book signings.

Looking Ahead to 2018, a Glance Back at 2017

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When you have been writing about Wyoming for almost 48 years, you become very good at predicting the economy. Right? Well, maybe not so hot some times.

Some Christmas Cheer From the Schmidt House and Worland Home

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A famous cartoon concerning folks named Schmidt is often circulated around the Internet these days. My old pal Pat Schmidt, former publisher in Thermopolis and Lovell, has some observations about this story. Here is how members of his family have dealt with this situation:

The Perfect Christmas Gift to Someone Who Loves This State

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This is the time of year when I always try to locate Wyoming-themed items or products made here in the state, which I can give to friends and relatives.

I reached out to my network of friends and here are some ideas they sent:

Just a Routine Saturday Morning

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Nancy and I had been looking forward to attending a University of Wyoming football game this fall and the recent Cowboys-Fresno State game looked ideal.

Several days ahead of time, the forecast was good. I was not paying much attention to weather or roads.

People Chime in How they Might Live Their Lives Over if Given the Chance

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Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention . . . – line from My Way, a wonderful song recorded famously by both Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.

Some Signs That the Current Economic Bust Might be Easing

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“What a difference a year makes!” was the rallying cry made by Gov. Matt Mead as he greeted 650 people at the Wyoming Business Alliance Governor’s Business Forum in Cheyenne Nov. 8.

Mead was optimistic as he talked about the current Wyoming economy. “We are righting the ship,” he said.

Why I Love This Time of Year

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If you were to ask the typical Wyomingite, you would find their favorite time of year is right now, and yes, it is because it is hunting season.

It is definitely my favorite time of year but my reasons have nothing to do with hunting.

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