A Holiday Season: The Sanctity of Life with Stacy M & Baby M

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We live in unusual times when what defines life is under constant attack. This got me thinking about two instances in my past that involved the dignity of life concerning two seemingly useless human lives.

Football, Booming Motels, Leg Wrestling, & Predators in Cowboy State News

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Lots of things to write about around Wyoming. For example:

A Cold Night in Wales Helped Me Recall the Best Part of America

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The rain was falling in sheets. The wind was howling. And although the temperature was 40 degrees, I could see my breath. My raincoat was soaked through. My umbrella was blown inside out.

Giant Bronze Horses Created in Cowboy State but Headed for Sicily

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In a state where the cowboy culture of horses is almost a religion, it was fitting that two of the largest horses in the world were created here.+

Amazing Geology of Cowboy State Topic of Classic David Love Book

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The early 1990s book Rising From The Plains by author John McPhee ranks as one of the most interesting and most important books ever written about Wyoming.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, That Old Twisted Tree Taught Me an Important Lesson

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There was a twisted, ugly bushy tree in our back yard. It was next to Big Dickinson Creek and had all kinds of limbs that had shot out in all directions.

In a word, it was a tangle.

My Chaotic Years of College, Dodging Vietnam, & Chasing My Dreams

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Just about the most exciting time in a young person’s life is when he or she heads off to that freshman year of college.

In our family, we are excited about seeing two grandsons heading off on this big adventure. Nancy and I are enjoying seeing these two boys thrive.

"Tech Neck" and Cancer Scare Prompted Doctor Visits and More

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Like a great many Wyomingites, I suffer from persistent pains in my neck and back. More particularly, my neck has bothered me for 12 years, ever since I herniated a disk.

Sinks Canyon and Loop Road are Magical Places This Time of Year

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Folks who live on the east side of the Wind River Mountains have a tradition of getting “looped,” as often as possible. This is my term for driving the spectacular Loop Road.

Gigantic New Military Museum Under Construction Near Dubois

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Wyoming’s next great museum is under construction and will open next May.

The National Museum of Military Vehicles is a massive facility located just south of Dubois in Fremont County.

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