Clear the Roads, the Geezers are Coming, the Geezers are Coming

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In Rinker Buck’s wonderful book Oregon Trail, he offers up a classic lament shared by many others when he complains:

“Who are all these geezers in their giant motorhomes that are clogging the roadways and causing the rest of us big problems!”

Grandpa Teaches Granddaughter a Few Tips About Fishing Ceeks

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A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove, but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child.
-- An important quote

I spent some quality time with my young granddaughter on a Friday afternoon, some 20 years ago. Here is an old column that I wrote about that experience.

Hey Phoenix Zoo, Those Ferrets are from Meeteetse, Wyoming

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Wyoming’s Black-Footed Ferret is a rock star at the Phoenix Zoo. In fact, you might think the elusive little critter was native to Arizona. Not so.

Often When Traveling, We Sure Appreciate the Cowboy State’s Isolation

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We are alone. But we are not lonely.

To me that describes what life in Wyoming is really like. With barely seven people per square mile, our state is one of the most isolated in the nation.

The Arrival of ‘God’s Dog’ Had Huge Effect on Wyoming Indians

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The two biggest effects on American Indian tribes caused by white Americans were disease epidemics and the use of the horse.

The disease issue is so big it will be the topic of a future column. But the horse, oh my, how our Native American friends’ ancestors took to the horse!

Some of the State’s High School Mascots Provide Funny Stories

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Nicknames and mascots for schools in Evanston, Jackson, Gillette, Greybull and other places in the state provided some funny stories as a result of a recent column about school names.

Class Reunions, Long Sandwiches and Leslie’s Long, Long Reach

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Here is a follow-up to some previous columns concerning interesting happenings around the state:

REUNIONS ARE BIG. Today all across Wyoming energetic local leaders are planning one of the year’s biggest events in their town – the annual class reunion for the schools.

Why Idaho Grew and Wyoming Slowed Down

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When you live in a small city or town in Wyoming, you feel a responsibility to build up businesses, create jobs and increase opportunities for everyone.

When you succeed, just about everyone benefits. It is a very good feeling.

Torrington and Lusk Offer Diversified Lifestyles

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My recent tour of eastern Wyoming has been among the most fun experiences of a near half-century in the state.

Life is Too Short When it Comes to Cosmos, Golden Dogs and a Few Thousand Good Friends

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In her own words, Leslie Blythe could see a time into the future when she would gather with a few of her girl friends, all of whom were now over 100 years old, and they would sip cocktails at 4 p.m. Her drink of choice would naturally be a Cosmopolitan.

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