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Wyoming Coaches Rules Clinics are being offered over WEN Video by the Wyoming High School Activities Association. Please share this information with your Coaches and Athletic Trainers.

If your local WEN Video site is not available all of these clinics will be recorded so that coaches can still view the content of the event.

Bronc football camp opens today / Cowboys open camp in Laramie / Gillette makes a run at American legion regional title but falls short / Rockies at Mets tonight

2015 HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL - The Bronc football team opens preseason camp today with two sessions this morning at 7:00 and this evening at 4:00.

Today will be the first time since an early June team camp that the Broncs will be back on the field with the coaching staff and Head coach Don Julian says they will hit the ground running today.

And he says camp will really start picking up momentum by the end of week one.