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MVP: Ford MacCarty, with Big Horn Polo Club President Perk Connell.

The opening tournament of the season at the Big Horn Polo Club was played Tuesday, June 17 at the Big Horn Equestrian Center.

The Polaris Cup, sponsored by Hando’s Service Center, was won by Perk’s Horspital over Magnolia Farms by a score of 7-5.

MVP was Ford MacCarty.

Best Playing Pony was “Kicks” owned by G-String Polo, and played by Richard Dudman.

Perk’s Horspital:

#1 Bob Brotherton

#2 Ford MacCarty

#3 Richard Dudman

#4 Amanda Burns / Marius Hoffman

Magnolia Farms:

#1 Anup Sidhu / Kris Bowman

#2 Tom Gose

#3 Miguel Silvestre

#4 DeeDee Connell


TROOPERS BASEBALL - The Sheridan Troopers dropped a 10-5 decision to Helena, Montana Monday night.

Short Stop Conner Mcafferty had a three run triple to spot the troops a 3-1 lead in the 3rd inning but Helena went off for 6 runs in the 5th to take a 7-3 lead.

The Troops would make it 7-5 but the the Senators countered with three more runs in the 7th to put the game away.

It was just their second loss in the last 12 games Head coach Ben Phillips says the breaks just didn't go their way.