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BRONC FOOTBALL - The Broncs are 5-2 as they head into a road game at Casper Kelly Walsh tomorrow it's not only a big game for the Broncs but big as well for the Trojans Broncs Head coach Don Julian says the Broncs face a very good opponent with a lot on the line.

The Broncs bounced back well from a loss two weeks ago to beat up Laramie last week and Julian says the Broncs have really started to get going the last three weeks.

Weekend Preview For Buffalo, Kaycee High School Sports

Weekend sports action for Johnson County's high school athletes will get underway today.

Buffalo's volleyball team will be on the road tonight at Newcastle with matches scheduled at 4 and 5pm, and the girls will then travel to Worland Friday to take on the Lady Warriors with matches at 5 and 6pm.