Archive - Jul 2010 - Public Pulse


July 13th

Public Pulse - Tuesday 07/13/10

VOA-"Save A Horse, Buy A Cowboy" w/Stacie Coe, Jeannie Weisman, and Beth Smith / Dave Debolt with the County Clerk

July 12th

Public Pulse - Monday 07/12/10

Chamber of Commerce / Sheridan WYO Rodeo

July 9th

July 7th

Public Pulse - Wednesday 07/07/10

Suzanna Quintana, "Why My Kids Don't Get Fat" / Tom Legoski, Magda Gorska-Legoski, Karen Ballek-orse and Leon Washut - Polish Immigration to Sheridan County presentation

July 6th

Public Pulse - Tuesday 07/06/10

Animal Shelter / Library

July 5th

Public Pulse - Monday 07/05/10

Sheridan County Historical Society / Big Horn Mountain Festival

July 2nd

July 1st

Public Pulse - Thursday 07/01/10

Ucross Foundation w/Pamela Schiffer / Rita Meyer for Governor