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June 29th

Saturday Smash

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At approximately 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon there was a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of 1st and Broadway in Sheridan. Both of the vehicles occupants were checked out on scene by Rocky Mountain Ambulance and there were no major injuries reported.

(All photos by Ron Richter)

June 26th

Beautiful Red Poppies

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Photo by: Helen Mitchell

June 25th

Just Passin' Through

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Sheridan Media's Chris Foy caught these guys hanging around the station Tuesday evening - just passing through.

(All photos by Chris Foy)

June 24th

Poppies Along Brinton Road

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Poppies along Brinton Road in Big Horn.

(Photo by David Chilcott)

Earth's Natural Satellite

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Photos by: Brittany Liptak taken 14 miles outside of Sheridan, Wyoming


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Photo taken by Andrew Tkach from house on Omarr and 11th.

June 23rd

To the Moon Alice

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A few pictures from the Sheridan Junior High School parking lot of the moon rising Sunday night.

(All photos by Ron Richter)

June 22nd


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A familiar sight in Sheridan lately have been large thunderheads that have produced quite a few severe thunderstorms.

Photos by Ron and Sarah Richter

Super Moon - just 220,000 miles away

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This high dynamic range photo of the "super moon" was taken about 10:00 pm Saturday evening from 130 S. Brooks Street looking south east over the Sheridan County Courthouse. This super moon is about 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than a regular full moon. At its peak moment the moon will be about 221,824 miles from Earth - closer than the typical 252,581 miles.

Not a good BBQ'ing day

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Saturday is perhaps not the best day to BBQ in the Sheridan area - especially if your BBQ is near a rain downspout.