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Fun is not measured by the length of the slide

Minutes after opening for the season at 12:30 pm on Monday 4th grader Corey Hansford goes down the 170-foot slide into 59-degree water on the left while Kindergartner-to-be Ty Miller goes down the 6-foot slide out of a frogs mouth into much warmer water. You be the judge as to who is having the most fun.

No Fear of a Rabies Needle Here

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Kaycee leaps onto the table for his rabies shot early Monday morning at the Band Shell in Kendrick Park. Monday was the first day of the Rabies Clinic and Kaycee, a keltie and border collie mix. was dog #6 to get his shot by Mack Bischoff, of Bischoff Veterinary Services. Curt Vojta, Kaycee's owner, said they were probably off for a frisbee throw next.

Saturday Night Delight

It was a "Saturday Night Delight" at 9:00 pm Saturday as the setting sun left Sheridanites and visiting Hoop Jammers with a spectacular view when looking west.