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June 27th

Explosives Test Closes Wyoming Guard Base Entrance

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - Possible traces of explosives in a delivery truck prompted authorities to shut down the entrance to the Wyoming Air National Guard base for almost two hours. A major thoroughfare in front of the base also was closed. No explosive devices were found.

Padlock Ranch to Host Stock Growers Stewardship Tour

The annual Environmental Stewardship Tour, hosted by the Wyoming Stock Growers Association, Wyoming Department of Agriculture, and the Montana Stockgrowers will be held at the Padlock Ranch, near Ranchester, Tuesday July 9, beginning at 8 am.

Chamber Advises Against Hasty Hail Repair Contracts

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News of Sheridan's rough weather a few weeks ago must be getting around, as the community has recently attracted a slew of roof and car repair businesses from out of town.

New Laws Kick In Next Week

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It's going to be a brave new world come next week, since July 1 is the effective date for most new laws passed by our state representatives at the 2013 legislative session.

Rattler Found in Town

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A Sheridan resident killed a rattle snake in town yesterday at the intersection of Hill Pond Drive and Paintbrush Drive, which is near the high school.

State Trap Shoot Next Week

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The Sheridan County Sportsmen's Association is hosting the Wyoming State Trap Shoot competition next week.

June 26th

Johnson County Extends Lake DeSmet Agreement

At their Tuesday meeting the Johnson County Commissioners extended their existing agreement with Sheridan County to continue everyday operations at Lake DeSmet, an agreement in place since the lease with the Wyoming Game and Fish became a real possibility earlier this year.

Open House at Sheridan County Public Health, Sheridan Health Center

At their new location on Wednesday at 297 S. Main St., Sheridan County Public Health and the Sheridan Health Center opened their doors for an open house. Community members had a chance to browse the addition recently made to the building or check out the facility in general.

Urgent Care Coming to Sheridan Memorial Hospital in August

Earlier in the year we reported that Sheridan Memorial Hospital had a definitive goal of starting an urgent care program at the hospital.

City Working With Utility Partners to Make Sheridan Shovel Ready

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Attracting businesses to Sheridan has been one of the top priorities of local agencies such as Forward Sheridan and the Sheridan Area Economic Development Task Force. The City is playing their part as well explains Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey.