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Second Suspect Guilty Plea in Cheyenne Hotel Fire

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - A second suspect has pleaded guilty for his role in an arson attack that destroyed a landmark hotel in Cheyenne. Marcus Trevino pleaded guilty in federal court to aiding and abetting arson and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

Senator Enzi: Government's Got a Record of Being Phenomenally Wrong

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During a Senate Budget Committee hearing earlier this week, U.S. Senator Mike Enzi questioned Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew on President Obama's budget. Enzi stated that all the budget does is add to the national debt.

CDC Honored at Light of Hope Breakfast

The Child Development Center was honored as the Champion for Children at the annual CASA Light of Hope breakfast Friday. Along with recognizing a Champion for Children, the event is held to honor CASA volunteers who've given their time to help make a child's life a little better.

ASAP Launches Anti-Alcohol Campaign

The Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention is launching a new campaign to address one of our communities biggest societal problems.

Weekend Events In Buffalo To Keep You Busy

There will be quite a few things to do to keep yourselves occupied in Buffalo this weekend, and here are just a few:

Friday and Saturday nights at the Buffalo High School Auditorium, the Limelight Dance Factory will present their recital beginning at 6:30 both nights.

Buffalo Chamber Visits Boise For RMI

Last week, Angela Jarvis and Rachel McCaughey traveled to Boise, Idaho to take part in this year's RMI, or Rocky Mountain International show.

Last year's RMI was hosted by Buffalo and the Chamber of Commerce.

One Percent Committee Gives Jo Co Their Recommendations

The Johnson County Commissioners, at their meeting this week, got the recommendations for funding from the One-Percent Committee for the next two years.