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This Week's Poll Question

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The year-end fiscal cliff is fast approaching, and Democrats and Republicans are scrambling to strike a deal. Both parties seem miles apart on any kind of agreement. This week's Bank of Sheridan/Sheridan Media poll question is:

WBC Offers Display Space to Local Producers of Natural and Organic Goods

The Wyoming Business Council’s Agribusiness Division announced it's offering display space to local producers of natural and organic products for a national trade show in Anaheim, California this March.

Buffalo City Council Meeting Briefs

The Buffalo City Council, at their last meeting, approved on third and final reading Ordinance No. 1359 to adopt the 2012 International Building Codes.

Montana Judge Blocks Wolverine Trapping

A Montana judge has issued a last-minute restraining order blocking a trapping season for the fierce but imperiled wolverine that had been set to start Saturday.

Enzi Pledges Against Pledges

Sen. Mike Enzi is among the many House and Senate Republicans who have signed a pledge against tax increases but now says it's a bad idea for lawmakers to sign pledges.

Wyoming Whiskey Makes Its Debut

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Call it the “Black Friday” of booze if you will, as liquor dealers around the Cowboy State have been gearing up for the debut of Wyoming Whiskey, which is now available to the public.