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Survivors of Suicide Broadcast

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The Inner Circle of the Fulmer Public Library turned into a theater Saturday for the International Survivors of Suicide Day Broadcast.

Vanessa Hastings, chairperson of Sheridan County Suicide Prevention Coalition...

Welch Cancer Center Open House

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It's officially open now that the Community Open House at the Welch Cancer Center took place on Saturday. Manager Jennifer Pfister tells us what the center has to offer.

A Surprise Gift

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It took library director Cameron Duff completely by surprise. A phone call telling him the library was going to receive a donation and to be at a certain place at a certain time; who can turn down that kind of invitation? He explains.

Bigger Than Life

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Saturday morning, over fifty people gathered in front of the Sheridan County Museum to witness the unveiling and dedicate the monument of the late local cowboy artist E.W. Gollings.

This Week's Poll Question

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There are always casualties in war, but what about the personal front.
Faithfulness has been a foundation for many marriages, but where is the line drawn between personal recreations and professional responsibilities, especially for those in the public eye of government leadership.

State Superintendent Hill on Report Critical of WDE: "At Best Conjecture"

State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Cindy Hill, said her department is keeping track of inaccuracies found in a report filed last week.

Barrasso's Views as Newly Re-Elected Chairman of Republican Policy Committee

U.S. Senator John Barrasso, of Casper, has been re-elected to his post as chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee. Barrasso has held the position as chairman since January of 2012. Chris Foy has the story.

Energy Officials: Obama Re-Election Means More of the Same

Representatives of Wyoming's energy industry say President Barack Obama's re-election won't change their business outlook much.

But, depending on the industry, they said, more of the same is not necessarily welcome news.

Senator Enzi: We Can Fix Social Security and Medicare

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During a recent Wyoming PBS roundtable discussion on the future of Medicare and Social Security, U.S.

Sheridan Media Week In Review

Here's a look at the past week's top stories from Sheridan Media News: